Reuben Njavera swindled me

Reuben Njavera swindled me

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 14.56.37 Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 14.56.24Good day

I am a Zimbabwean national and wish to report a case of theft against  Mr Reuben Njavera NRC number 100362/58/1 of A124 Shampande Township in Choma, Zambia. He stole $400 United States Dollars and a mobile phone Samsung Galaxy J5.

On 2 March 2016 my brother visited Lusaka, Zambia from South Africa and booked into Cresta Lodge Golfview Lusaka. During his stay he met Mr Daudi Phiri the executive chef at Cresta Lodge Golfview, Lusaka.

 During their interaction, my brother asked Daudi Phiri on my behalf about how to naturalize as a Zambian because our family has a rich Zambian background and history from the time our late father lived and worked in Zambia for over 20 years

 Daudi Phiri referred my brother to Reuben Njavera, who is said to be in the business of assisting people in this regard. Daudi claimed that Njavera prepared papers in the naturalization of Daudi’s 3 children to Zambia nationality.

 Upon contacting Reuben Njavera for the first time (7 March 2016), he claimed to work for the Choma Municipal Council in the Depart that inspects buildings and the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) as the vice head coach for the national Under 20 team. He also claimed to be the Head Coach for Choma Municipal Cutters football club. We were in regular communication over Whatsapp from this date onwards.


Reuben Njavera agreed to assist me with the process of naturalizing as a Zambian citizen and explained that his fees for securing these documents were $400 United States Dollars for the Zambian National Registration Card and then K4000 Zambian Kwacha for the passport. Reuben asked me to travel to Choma, Zambia where he claimed the processing of the necessary papers would take place.


Upon arriving in Choma, Zambia (21 March 2016), Reuben asked me for the $400 United States Dollars in order to get the processing of the Zambian National Registration Card and opted to accept my phone which had attracted him, a brand new Samsung Galaxy J5, as payment for the processing of the passport instead of the K4000 Zambian Kwacha as previously agreed.


The next day, 22 March 2016, after filling-in some forms, Reuben led me to offices in Choma, where he claimed were the registrars’ offices. After 2 hours at this office in Choma, Reuben then advised that the process was taking too long and advised that we immediately leave for Lusaka that afternoon were we would get the papers processed.


We then left by road to Lusaka and arrived in the evening of 22 March 2016 and we booked into Mwiluzi Lodge. At approximately 2130hrs, about 10minutes after booking into this lodge Reuben excused himself from the room, claiming that he wanted to purchase talk-time for his phone. That was the last time I saw him.


I called him several times that evening with no response. The next morning on 23 March 2016, he eventually answered my calls and he claimed to have fallen ill with Malaria, collapsed and woke up at a clinic where he was receiving treatment. He refused to reveal any more information and after several follow-up calls he assured me that he would show up at the lodge but never did. At this point, I realized Reuben Njavera had crooked me. I then checked out of the lodge and left for Harare on 24 March 2016, disappointed and frustrated at what had happened.


Please find attached the documents to prove the above.


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