Rev Mbao says Lungu’s brutality is due to fear of losing

Immediate Past Chairperson for the Pastors Forum for Eastern and Southern Africa Reverend Richard Mbao has urged president Lungu to stop police brutality on the opposition and its supporters.

Rev Mbao said it’s clear that the president is living in fear of losing the upcoming general elections.

He said UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba was because of his influence on the political scene and the major effect he has on the voters ahead of the elections.

Rev Mbao explained in an interview that it’s evident that things haven’t been easy for PF government looking at the economic  crisis the country has been facing from the time they came into office.

He added that President Lungu has lost popularity to the opposition hence his brutality on them.

Rev Mbao said its sad to look at how the supporters of opposition political parties are being brutally harassed by the police.

‘I was saddened to see the video of an opposition supporter being beaten by the police and how people were treated when they went to vist GBM,” he said.

He said there is need to practice peace in the country so that democracy can rule in the coming elections.

Rev Mbao said there is no need for the PF to be afraid of the UPND or any other opposition party because if people want them they will bounce back.

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