Rev Sumaili issues empty statement on tribalism and avoids mentioning PF tribalists

National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Godfridah Sumaili has issued a hollow statement against tribal remarks following a series of hate speech and tribal remarks against Tongas by PF leaders.
Sumaili said her ministry was deeply concerned with the persistent incidences of tribal remarks but did not name or refer to any of the culprits who include Livestock and Fisheries Minister Nkandu Luo, the PF professor of tribalism.
Rev Sumaili has however grown cold feet shortly after releasing the statement and now claims her statement has nothing to do with the recent tribal remarks by Nkandu Luo, Bizwell Mutale and Chanda Nyela who have been using tribal remarks in their political campaigns.
Rev Sumaili claims her statement is part of routine reminders to Zambians on national values and against tribal remarks.

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