Reversing FISP is just a means of stealing

Reversing FISP is just a means of stealing


Reverting back to Conventional FISP is primarily meant to line the Pockets of Minister Katambo and Mr Lungu’s Stooges. What it means for the Zambian people is that only people connected to Sate house will continue to supply Farmers Inputs under the Tax Payers sponsored program (FISP) at exorbitant prices without competition. The Lungu cartel was not happy with the competition which allowed ordinary hardworking Zambian to also participate and create genuine employment whilst making a means for living in a society where making ends meet has become a far fetched dream for the majority.

Its greedy at play without any consideration of the impact of their actions. Mr katambo has sold policy decision for the benefit of the Cartel that has captured the state and also for liing his pocket without any regard for the interest of Zambians.

Convention FISP is very costly for GRZ and benefits only Mr Katambo and the Zambian Guptas:

1. Fertiliser is bought at 3 time the price for ordinary market

2. Farmers can only get 3 Bags and a 5 Kg seed compared to 7 Bags and a 10 Kg seed
3. Government foots huge transportation cost for the inputs

4. Government Foots huge un acceptable storage fees for inputs
a. Transportation and Storage services are provided by enemies of progress who are interested in the lucrative GRZ business

5. Through eVoucher System thousands of Jobs were created for ordinary Zambian and all these jobs will be reversed to please Nyiombos

6. Hard working Agro Dealera had an opportunity to make some income butthis wll be reversed to benefit a few Powerful Indians

We hope this is an eye opener for the blind supports of the PF will realise that Lungu and his cabal only cares for the pockets. How can Mr Katambio Shamelessly go against the pronouncements of the President in Muchinga and at the Chisamba Expo that eVoucher is here to stay if it is not without the backing of the Chief Benefactor himself masquerading as President in Statehouse.

Forward To Other Zambians Against State Capture .

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