Rifle from State House armoury used in Manda Hill robbery, cop and pastor implicated

State House officials and senior police command are trying to cover up a robbery that was conducted by a state house police officer and a pastor.

A very senior Police source has disclosed that an aggravated robbery took place at Manda Hill shopping Mall car park two weeks ago but the information is kept secret because it involves a Police Officer and an AK 47 rifle from State House armoury.

“I do not know how you guys missed this. There was an aggravated robbery that took place at Manda Hill Shopping Mall Car Park two weeks ago that the Police command does not want the public to know because a State House AK 47 was involved. It happened about two weeks ago,” the source said.

The senior police officer said a police officer with a Course number 43 together with an unnamed Pastor from Kabwe stole a motor vehicle (Jeep) registration number ALK 9424 plus K1300 cash at gunpoint at the Manda Hill Shopping Mall two weeks ago.

“Two suspects have so far been apprehended and are being interrogated by our Police Intelligence Unit because of the sensitivity of the case but what we have established so far is that there is a Police officer involved with course number 43, you know officers have course numbers when they graduate, then a pastor from Kabwe and that the gun an AK 47 Rifle is from State House Armory,” the source said.

The source expressed disappointment that the police command wanted to keep such a crime as a secret because it involves State House.
“How can we reduce crime like this if you start selecting which crime to tell the public and which one not to.

The fact is that it is aggravated robbery whether State House is involved or not,” the source said.

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