Rigging in progress: DEC officials in team printing ballot boxes

Rigging in progress: DEC officials in team printing ballot boxes

Just like the Watchdog revealed, senior Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) officials are part of the delegation printing ballot papers in South Africa. This is in line with the rigging codenamed ‘Operation 2001.’ Under this operation, the PF sees next month’s election as a repeat of 2001.

ECZ spokesperson Chris Akufuna disclosed that the team left on Wednesday and included police officers, ACC officials, members of the intelligence and strangely DEC officials. While police officers and intelligence officers and ACC are certainly required there, the DEC has no purpose there. DEC is a specialized agency created to fight illegal drugs.

But like the Watchdog reported, the PF will rig the 2015 presidential by-election using the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and other agencies.

According to information received, the DEC team in the delegation will try to attempt to steal a sample of the ballot papers and send t back to Zambia. ‘…Then they will print another set of ballot papers elsewhere. Security sources who want to see a credible election has advised opposition leaders to demand that DEC officers should not be anywhere near the delegation.

Intelligence information shows that the PF has targeted Eastern, Central, Western and Northern provinces plus Chirundu district for rigging.

The plot to rig the polls was revived after senior soldiers pressurized acting president Guy Scott to support Edgar Lungu. When Scott was on the side of the poor people by refusing to use public resources for partisan activities, the rigging plot was thrown into disarray.

But now that Scott has ‘agreed’, its all systems go. The DEC has been given K15 million for rigging. The money given to DEC is disguised as ‘operational funds’ to provide security during the election period. This was supposed to be an OP project but it has been decided that the OP is now porous and divided so cannot be trusted. DEC on the other hand has shown loyalty to the ruling party and most senior officers’ contracts have expired so are working on the mercy of the minister of Home Affairs. So they are willing to do anything to secure their jobs.

DEC officers have already started moving to rigging stations and taking part in electoral activities. Some agents will be working as officials of ECZ, others are being infused in NGOs as monitors and observers. The opposition will also be infiltrated by DEC officers or agents recruited specifically from the project.

But officers will also be monitored. Equipment to monitor their phone conversations has already been installed so that they do not leak information.


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