Rigging is already in progress, reveals Nawakwi


FDD leader Edith Nawakwi has confirmed fears by the opposition that this year’s general election will be rigged by exposing outgoing president Edgar Lungu and his minions’ manoeuvres to remain in power at all cost.

Featuring on Muvi TV’s Assignment programme on Sunday night, Nawakwi led bare the vital information to the effect that State House staff recently flew to Dubai to deliver samples of ECZ ballot papers to a controversial Dubai printing company.

She said the opposition was fully aware that President Lungu through his Special Assistants at State House where in Dubai on concealed business trips.

Nawakwi has warned President Lungu that Zambians will not allow him to bring in ballot papers for August 11 general elections from Dubai.

And Nawakwi said all Cabinet Ministers must vacate office once parliament is dissolved on Wednesday 11th May, 2016.

The FDD leader said President Lungu signed a defective amended constitution which has resulted in controversy regarding the status of his Ministers in government.

Nawakwi observed that the clause that the PF government is relying on to justify the stay in office of Cabinet Ministers does not have supporting legal clauses hence making it defective.

The Watch Dog has persistently alerted the nation on the secret activities by the PF to hold on to power despite losing support from Zambians for failing to manage the country resources.

But due to their evil intentions, President Lungu and his cohorts have continued to defend the corrupt Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) led Priscilla Mulenga in order to rig the coming elections in their favour.

However, time is catching up with them and soon all those involved in the rigging scheme ahead of August elections will be exposed and made to account for criminal acts behind bars.

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