Rigging is real

I am attached to the police for a special assignment! elections. Am writing to you using a pseudo email account, i wont write to you again using this account, too risk. There is desperation in the presidency. I will now lay down the situation.

President lungu has been reliably informed that he will struggle to make 30% in the upcoming elections. So there is high desperation and fear in the PF camp
President lungu and his party are willing to do anything to stay in power, Plans of rigging are every at level you can imagine! and they are real(not only the Dubai ballot printing), and please don’t discount an rumour of rigging, off course some of these rumours will be decoys so as to cause a confusion so that the main plan to rig is put in place.
please take all rumours serious,
What will happen at the polling stations, ECZ has banned smart phones but the ECZ officer who will also be OP mostly will have smart phones for manipulation of results. mostly in Lusaka and copperbelt polling stations ECZ will delay announcing the results so that people become discontent , when that happens boxes will taken to police stations citing security reasons, in the process results swapped,
Tell all opposition polling agents NOT to drink or eat anything provided by ECZ, they will be tired and sleepy will leave the polling stations before the counting is done.
There will be alots of money to buy these polling agents too.
Lastly there is constant plans to harm or Kill HH and his whole crew so elections can moved forward.
From now until the next president is in office watch everything with an eye of an eagle
I have finished, I have done my part my heart is now lighter.


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