Rioters burn garbage truck

Kanyama residents have burnt to ashes one of the garbage trucks assigned to collect garbage from the cholera epidermic epi-centre


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    A K 1 week

    senior bino yo contributions shows hw shallow minded u are.its hunger which has caused de kanyama residents 2 reach such level.lungu & kaizer zulu are now buying jets while those who voted 4 them are starving no wander thy burnt a truck 4 aavic. in future contribute something de public will cherish not this ROT.

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    Eye 1 week

    Are you sure it was in kanyama? I see the truck has Chinese letters. The picture could be talen im China.

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    General 1 week

    Kamfinsa can’t finish cholera we hv to plan b4 rainy season and how is to blame the government and the council’s.where does the levis council’s collect go?

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    Mainza 1 week

    Cholera exists because of pathetic national leadership. Even the measures taken are haphazard, paste and mask job that have no long term common sense. Using brutality has nothing to do with cholera but domination of a dormant and gullible zambhan mind for 2021. A clue to the future. Kanyama residents are right in many ways. Shutting all schools even in areas that have never heard of cholera is a dangerous experiment on the limits of power. Stupid. A need for more learning hours not a reduction.

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    Barotseland 1 week

    That’s true man B people are starving in Kanyama and for sure this Pf has let us down Viva UPND

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    nicha tembo 1 week

    only fools can do that……

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    JUNIOR KOPALA 1 week


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      senior bino 1 week

      True these fools deserve beatings by Kamfinsa camp in uniform. They are dirty Kanyama fools who will never accept change at all.Every year cholera starts from Kanyama due to faeces these fools put/drop everywhere!! Soldiers please can you BURN kanyama compound completely for cholera to die with fools.

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        Man B 1 week

        Senior bino,you are a big fool,actually you are an idiot.there is no way some can just come and declare to move out of the market.don’t continue to be an idiot change otherwise you run mad,careful with your foolish comments.

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    truthfinder 1 week

    Ignorance at its highest point