Riots break out at UNZA

University of Zambia (UNZA) students Tuesday evening rioted  demanding that the University be re-opened immediately.
By 20 hours, students had blocked Great East road by lighting fire on the road.

The students were threatening to start crushing vehicles passing that side. Others were heard chanting ‘we want K14 billion’ we want K14 billion!!!
The students also want their union leader Ali Tunkara whom they accuse of being compromised by government to resign.
Tunkara himself was seen sneaking into some hostels  trying to appeal for calm but students have refused to listen to him and instead threatened to beat him up.
Outside the old residences, famously known as Monk Square, fire was seen as visibly frustrated students denounced government and UNZASU leadership.

Earlier in the day, ordinary students mobilised themselves using social media and news websites to demand that the Universty be re-opened.

This prompted UNZASU president Tunkara to issue a one day ultimatum to government to resolve the impasse at UNZA.

But Tunkara was too late as students heeded the call from ordinary students and started arriving at the campus one by one.

UNZA was supposed to open for the next academic year this week but lecturers refused to release results for last semester forcing senate to postpone opening.

Lecturers want better pay.

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