Riots break out in Chambishi

Abrupt riots erupted in Chambishi Saturday morning and by 10 hours local time police were engaged in street battles to contain the riots.

Chambishi is a small mining town between Kitwe and Chingola on the Copperbelt province.

The real cause of the riots had not been established by the writing of this article but one person indicated that residents are rioting over suspected Satanic deaths that have engulfed the country.

A resident caught up in their house told the Watchdog by phone that the entire town was in teargas smoke as police fired the teargas randomly and rioters looting on the streets.

Riots residents are targeting mining installation and government property.

On Friday residents in the same town ran amok killing three people they suspected of practising satanism.

This followed the recent alleged disappearance of two women who were later discovered in what appeared to be mysterious circumstances.

Those killed were Reuben Nkandu, a shop owner, his nephew and a shop attendant who were not immediately identified.

They all died after being set ablaze by the rampaging crowd.

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