Riots break out in Chibolya

A serious riot broke out in Chibolya slum in Lusaka Sunday afternoon after DEC officers tried to arrest suspected drug dealers.

By 13 hours local time, three vehicles belonging to the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) had been burnt by angry residents.

Some officers of the DEC were beaten before DEC sent SOS to the regular police who moved in with teargas and guns.

The problem started when overzealous DEC officers drove into Chibolya for an operation but without adequate preparation or proper backup.

The officers were following a tip that there was contraband of drugs at a certain place in the slum. But when they arrived at the scene, DEC officers were mobbed by residents who started harassing them.

The DEC officers reacted by producing pistols to scare away residents but this made the situation worse as residents started rioting.

The regular police arrived at the scene after some damage had being caused and the riots continued as the police fired teargas canisters in the residential area.

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