Riots break out in Choma over murdered taxi driver

Riots break out in Choma over murdered taxi driver

IMG-20130413-00114 IMG-20130413-00116 IMG-20130413-00125 IMG-20130413-001272013-04-13 15.23.49Scores of Choma residents Saturday afternoon ran amok  around 15hoyrs after they were dispersed from the police station where they went to mete out instant justice to a man suspected of having killed a taxi driver in February.

Roads going to Lusaka and Livingstone had been blocked with stones, bricks,and logs.

Fires were lit on the roads. A few shops were stoned. Police were running battles as they tried to  disperse the angry mobs from the town centre.All shops had by 15: 30 ben forced to close.

Mysterious deaths suspected to be ritualist and performed by PF government leaders or agents have become common place.

Just last week, residents in Katete district in the eastern side of the country rioted after a school was killed in ritualistic circumstances. Dozens of people are still being detained by police.

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