Riots break out in Kanyama

Riots break out in Kanyama

Riots have broken  out in kanyama over the overzealous curfew imposed by the PF regime over Cholera.

It is suspected that one police officer has been killed.

Traders who were driven from city/Soweto market initially gave themselves the Chinika School ground as their temporary marketing place. They were chased after 4-5 days and they went to a place called Mobi, along Kanyama(Los angelos road). Now the police have followed again and this is where they got it rough!

From the time the curfew was imposed, the people of Kanyama have suffered and endured unbearable suffering as they mostly depend on selling small items to survive. This only m and of survival has been curtailed with no alternative.

Those who imposed the curfew are enjoying lobsters and free michopo while showing their ‘solemn’ faces on TV. Hypocrites.

A sensible government which knows that this is a poor community would have put survival measures in place.
For example, the K2 million donated by Zanaco would have been used to buy food packs and clean water for the affected communities.

You can not impose a curfew on poor people but provide no means for them to survive during the curfew. It’s cruel.

How can you lock people in their houses for a week without food?

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