Riots break out in Mongu

Riots have broken out in Mongu,western province were a group calling itself the Black Bulls had given non Lozi speaking people up to today to leave western province or be killed.

Sources have confirmed to QFM that police are trying to restore order.

And Radio Phoenix also reported that Mongu was rocked by protests on Friday in support of a bid to restore regional autonomy.

Quoting eye witnesses, the radio said some arrests have been made after cars and shops were set alight.

The rioters want the restoration of the so-called Barotse agreement that granted autonomy from the rest of the country before independence from the U.K. in 1964.

When contacted by QFM to confirm the outbreak of violence in Mongu,police spokesperson Ndandula Siamana could neither deny nor confirm that there rioting in Mongu.

Ms Siamana said she did not want to preempt what Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde will say during a press briefing scheduled for this afternoon.

Tensions have been rising in western province lately over the Barotse agreement.

Meanwhile the Southern African centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes SACCORD has called for the need to quickly intervention in the Barotseland wrangles to avoid destabilizing the environment for holding the general elections.

SACCORD information officer Obby Chibuluma says if the issue takes time to be addressed, the current wrangles in western province might affect the forthcoming general elections in western province.

In an interview with QFM, Mr. Chibuluma notes that if government took the matter serious from the start, it would not have gone to an extent where some people are even taking advantage of the situation by threatening violence on some groupings.

Mr. Chibuluma observes that as the situation in western province stands now, it will be difficulty for some political parties to conduct campaigns.

He notes the need for government to take the Barotseland agreement serious to avoid interference with the forthcoming general elections.

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