Riual killings PF campaigns in Mansa


Dear editor,
it is my hope that this piece of information is brought to the wider public and indeed president if at all he is not aware of the goings especially with the so called campaigners in his name.

Last week Mansa woke up to a rude shock with a young man in his mid twenties having been cruelly killed near the UCZ church near Main market. The prime suspect of this henious crime is non other than Real Masters, the ndola based businessman who is the chief campaigner of the PF here in Luapula as he has been selling dishes at a relatively cheap price. Before the body of the deceased was discovered, Real Masters at around 05:00hrs was busy announcing that he would be selling his dishes in all the near compounds and that he had new stock but as the body of the deceased was discovered around 07:00, Real Masters had fled Mansa and was heading for Chembe to cross into the Copperbelt. The police and a few good samaritians followed him upto Chembe were his vehicles were impounded but with outer disregard he denied the police to search his trucks until ZNS officers were called and they immidialetely beat him up and he agreed to have the trucks searched but with a condition. To the suprise of everyone watching, one female police officer was given money to buy live chickens and she bought two and after handing these chickens to real masters he did a ritual by slaughtering those chickens the father Bwalya style and after this, it is when he opened the trucks and none of the human parts were missing.

For curisioty’seek and in order to tie real masters to this murder, there is evidence pointing to the presence of Real masters and his gang of terror to the same place for the past three week to the same place where the ritual killing was done. The owners of the first two houses at UCZ church can attest to this as at times this gang used to use the pit latrines near there whenever they went to smoke or survey the area.

There is also evidence of real masters using the name of the president to terrorize the community of Mansa as he savagely beat up a council police officer for advising against packing his trucks near Zamtel offices and blocking traffic. he brags that he is untouchable and that only president Lungu can deal with him. The police are also powerless to deal with this character and on observation of his gang or so called workers one can see clearly that these are hardcore criminals either recently pardoned or had spent so many years in prisons. The question that begs to be answered is why has police and indeed state house failed to arrest real Masters and tie him to various ritual murders as he has the capacity to send various murderers in different towns.
please notify the nation and dig deeper in the matter of national concern and security. i choose to remain anonymous. concerned citizen. if any thing contact me on this same mail.
thanking you in advance.

Name withheld

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