Rival PF cadres kill colleague in mistaken identity during Kabwata fracas

Rival PF cadres kill colleague in mistaken identity during Kabwata fracas

One ruling PF cadre may have been killed by colleagues in mistaken identity during the fracas that occurred in Kabwata after Lusaka Province Chairman Geoffrey Chuumbwe sent hired thugs to cause violence with a view to bloke the opposition UPND rally.

Police sources said they recorded an identified body at UTH that was badly injured from the fracas engineered by Mr. Chuumbwe yesterday but the ruling party are trying by all means to distance themselves from the body as the youths were merely taken from the streets and forced to fight battles for the party after being given beer.

Sources said the PF cadres who were taken to the UPND rally by buses hired by Mr. Chuumbwe early yesterday morning with a view to block the planned UPND rally ended up heavily injuring themselves in drunkenness and mistaken identity since they were just picked from the streets, resulting in one of them dying from excessive bleeding.

PF cadres, seemingly cruel and blood thirty, yesterday also assaulted Mr. Kapenda Samukwika, a crippled man that went to attend the opposition UPND rally in Kabwata and stole his crutches to stop him from attending the meeting.

The helpless Mr. Samukwika was bleeding as UPND well-wishers came to whisk him away to what was a safe area.

Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani who visited the venue for the rally briefly met with UPND leaders and strongly advised them to call off the rally because of the anticipated violence but her request was turned down.

The PF cadres, organised by Lusaka Province chairman Geoffrey Chumbwe and David Silubanji, had formed a barricade at a road that led to Kabwata Basic School football pitch but scampered in various directions and ended-up clashing among themselves because they didn’t know each other.

The ruling PF engineered violence also resulted in assaulting of an American diplomatic official who wanted to attend the rally and had to seek refuge in the ZNBC crew vehicle.

The PF cadres, who were armed with stones and chains, also hit several UPND cadres and innocent citizens who bled profusely and were rushed to the hospital.

A check at Kabwata clinic this morning found a number of seriously injured PF hired thugs being attended without help from party officials that sent them.

Other PF cadres are still detained at Kabwata police station awaiting directives from government and police command to release them without any charge.

Since coming to power, the ruling PF regime has been denying the opposition parties and civil society organisations permission to hold meetings with their members using the archaic Public Order Act, a situation that has been widely condemned.

At some stage, the venue for the rally resembled a battle-ground as scenes of heavily armed officers, attacking weapons and drops of human blood from injuries sustained carpeted the pitch.

Later, the situation was contained and the rally proceeded though most of the people were intimidated by the physical confrontations that preceded the meeting.

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