Road accident: Prisoners are transported like dogs

Road accident: Prisoners are transported like dogs


It pains me to see prisoners perishing in a fatal road accident obviously because of the uncaring driver speeding the Kasalanga at the instruction of prison waders.

The last time I was in a kasalanga was in 2018 when I was imprisoned for 9 months with hard Labour on a case of criminal trespassing.

I remember how the truck carrying prisoners was been driven in high speed. When I asked my fellow prisoner on board, he told me the reason they over speed is to prevent prisoners from jumping out of the truck.

Today I have seen an accident involving prisoners and it made me to break the silence and speak about my experience in prison and life after prison.

Prisoners are also people . Today’s accident reviews that prisoners are so much dehumanized in Zambia. We were carried like DOGS and they didn’t care whether we died or not.

Today I want to appeal to government to decongest prisons and have some more courts to finish up cases for accused persons in remand prisons quickly to avoid such cases of fatal accidents emanating from transferring inmates from distant prisons to courts in Lusaka.

My life after prison has been that of trying to tell society that we can all be victims of imprisonment because we break the law sometimes accidentally, and some times we are wrongly accused or at times fail to hire a lawyer in a case.

We must treat prisoners with respect . Today I am who I am because of the lessons I learnt in prison .

I have chosen to contribute positively to improving the social and economic lives of my people in my community. Now imagine if I died in a prison truck that was been driven recklessly

After prison I have runned a number of social campaigns in my community such as donating things to vulnerable kids, building a community school, empowering women with skills, conducting workshops ,and many more.

So let’s respect and care for prisoners because they are human and have the capacity to transform society.

Montah Mwaba


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    Abu Dhabi 1 week ago


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    Hanky Panky 1 week ago

    “Anyone who thinks sitting in church can make you a Christian must also think that sitting in a garage can make you a car.”
    ― Garrison Keillor

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    Kalulete 1 week ago

    Under a dictatorship, a nation ceases to exist. All that remains is a fiefdom, a planet of slaves regimented by aliens from outer space.
    – Wole Soyinka

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    Sante 2 weeks ago

    This is very sad, prisoners have human rights/dignity. The government has a duty of care and as such they must be held accountable for this tragedy. So sad

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    It’s not just a shame human life is list by such negligence of all those involved but also capable homicide if not murder.
    Have you ever seen those on charge of road safety, road worthiness checking these speeding kasalangas, bank of Zambia cash intransit, PF carders etc. No No No coz there’s no bribes from these road users, let them go even they are endangering themselves or other road users. It’s not safety they after but corruption. Now the nation mourns.

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    James bond 007 2 weeks ago

    This is so sad

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    James bond 007 2 weeks ago

    This is so sad. 

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    The openness of author, lesson learned and his small contributions towards alleviating social problems is something to admire. Mwaba thumbs up, keep itup with good work, hope we had more of you with your courage.

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    Prisoners are human beings and therefore do not lose their human rights just because they are in jail. If U murder a prisoner who is in jail for murder, u will also be charged with murder. I agree with u Montah Mwaba. Your lamentation has really touched me.

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      Veronica Zulu 2 weeks ago

      It is truly sad.  My sister died in prison in Chipata. When she got ill her fellow prisoners reported to officers that they were concerned because their inmate did not sleep well. This was not taken seriously until when they noticed that she wasn’t joining them. When the officers went to get her out to have breakfast, they couldn’t wake her. When they arrived at hospital she was already dead.  They didn’t have transport to take her to hospital but they had transport to take her body back to petauke. Lord have mercy on them.