Road contract plunder and comedy

By Friday Kashiwa

Sometimes comedians can make you laugh even when the scene being portrayed is that of a tragic or calamity nature.

That’s exactly what we, as Zambians, are witnessing in the PF led administration.

Indeed it is tragically laughable to have comedians as your Government leaders as well as having comedians as Government’s contractors. Road contractors to be specific.

To show or prove their incompetence and poor workmanship, the PF Road contractors have now foolishly and shamelessly devised a system of warning road users about their shoody road works.

WARNING: Slow down; UNEVEN ROAD AHEAD; in this same road built by us less than a year ago.

Uneven Road is an understatement because the road between Kabwe and Kapiri should be certified and classified as Dangerously Uneven Road.

WARNING: Huge potholes ahead in this road built by us 6 months ago.
This is another common and familiar road sign, warning Zambian road users to be cautious about the poorly constructed roads.

And to imagine that, as a country we have a fully functional directorate at Roads Department, then we start wondering whether we have an equally functional Ministry not to have noticed or seen such shoody and anomaly roads projects.

In the PF Administration, incompetence, corruption and Executive comedy is the NEW NORMAL in the awarding of roads contracts.
Friday Kashiwa..

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