Road contractors start laying-off workers due to lack of payments from govt

Some contractors in road sector have started laying-off workers due to none payment of their monies by the bankrupt PF government.

Sources in within the PF government have disclosed that the PF government is owing road contractors over K3 billion (K3 trillion old currency) and no longer have money to honour the existing contracts, unless with massive bribery and corrupting treasury authorities.

As a result, most contractors have now started pulling out their equipment and laying off workers while others have started scaling down the work force and slowing the projects as they have not been paid for a long time.

Recently, workers at the Chinese road contracting firm, Avic Contractors, doing the Mongu-Kalabo protested violently and police had to intervene by firing teargas and live bullets in the air to stop the riots due to none payment of salaries.

Some of the more than 900 workers almost resorted to damaging road contracting equipment forcing the Chinese firm to threaten dismissals.

It took deputy Labour Minister Rayford Mbulo, the unions and the company management to prevent further chaos and dismissal of workers.

Finance minister Alexender Chikwanda and Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba recently ordered that Roads Development Agency (RDA) never to gives any more road contracts without authorization from his office.

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