Road signages put by RATSA a big joke

Road signages put by RATSA a big joke

Dear editor,

The road signage for cameras Zindaba & Company put yesterday is a very big joke and insult to Zambian citizens. Are they so desperate to collect money so quickly? If they are desperate, it’s not our fault that government doesn’t have money due to their reckless expenditures on irrelevant things and also what they have stolen.

First and foremost, ‎who’s duty is it for to put road signs, has the duty now been given to RTSA and if it has, we need evidence and documentation that shows the transfer of that responsibility displayed in public domain.

The funny part is that our current road signs are not well placed and they ALL need to be redone completely country wide. Where Zindaba & Company placed the road signs is also not well placed, by the time a motorists is seeing the road sign the speed camera would have already captured the vehicles speed, how can that work like that.

RTSA should know that what they want to embark on can’t be implemented overnight, this can take even about 6 months to a year to be implemented as there’s a lot of work that needs to be done on the ground which includes putting ‘proper’ road signs and not what Zindaba & Co. Put yesterday, putting proper road markings, changing speed limits on our roads and also working on the roads which is a duty of RDA and all these can’t be done within a week as consultation with other stakeholders is needed and very vital.

Zambian roads are public goods and it’s the responsibility of the citizens to take keen interest in what’s happening and we won’t settle for less. Zindaba needs to show us evidence of the tender process on how he engaged Zindaba & Co. to put those road signs as we didn’t see any advert to call for applications from members of the public. That shows us how corrupt RTSA is and that’s not what corporate governance allows.

Meanwhile as they are consulting other players today, we need “ALL” these things to be address;

1. Removing carbon tax‎ because it’s pointless paying for it unless if they give us proof of where the funds are used for which should be in line with safety of the environment and also a licence that permits them to collect the funds given by a governing body which looks at global environmental matters.

2. Increasing the speed limits on our roads.

3. Putting ‘proper’ road signs on the roads including ‘proper’ signs of cameras in appropriate areas.

4. ‎Consult RDA and other stakeholders to work on the roads for the roads to be fit for our vehicles or else they should remove the fee for fitness because we don’t see what the fee is used for.

5. RTSA need to consult with RDA and see which tax (either road tax or toll gates) will be paid because we can’t pay double to two institutions for the same tax for using the roads.‎ Paying for tool gates are even better because of the efficiency when paying for them and the use for the funds is well defined.

6. We need empirical evidence which led to the decisions RTSA made in regards to systems they are and have implemented and also the criteria they are using to arrive at the systems and penalties, we need a fair and transparent system, this is our country and we demand transparency in everything.

7. RTSA needs to call for consultative meetings with RDA, RTSA, MTC and council before making any decisions. We are the biggest stakeholders as citizens. Zambia is a democratic country where consultation is key at arriving at any decision.

8. ‎RTSA need to reduce the penalty fee for overspeeding. The amount is rediculous or they need to change the system on overspeeding.
9. Scrap off all fines against motorists until they address the citizens’ concerns.

RTSA should understand that all the above can’t be implemented overnight and so they shouldn’t be quick and stealing from citizens.

Let all motorists and citizens work together for the above matters to be addressed. Zambia is not a kantemba but a country which needs to be full of dignity.

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