Road to destruction as Zambia slides into autocracy and fauilre

By Bwembya Mutale

It is not only unpatriotic but inimical to support clueless despots in leadership when all they are doing is cruise a country into a rogue state of more complex interlocking problems every day. Today with heavy hearts and shame Zambians and friends of Zambia around the world in dismay are witnessing the heart and marks of a desperate counterfeit leadership separated from common sense, the constitution, civility and cherished democracy. PF has lamentably failed and every day they are condoned to remain in power is getting too costly for Zambia. Other than being a legion of pathological liars, enemies of democracy and prosperity of enterprising citizens, the country has no future should President Sata continue on his antiquated path to doom.

It is now 11:45hrs before the hour of reckoning, President Sata has the option of redeeming himself by calling for an early election to foster national peace and renewal. Since ascending to power as a minority Government, he has committed so many constitutional breaches daily exhibiting dangerous mental deficiencies hence being exploited by a cabal of thieves through horrendous extraconstitutional acts. The PF regime has been cornered on all fronts on its own lies and now without option they have resorted to some reactionary macabre tactics of rule by thugs and the police to asphyxiate democracy and divert growing public disdain with impunity. Every patriot now acknowledges that I may be too expensive to undo this damage to the country should we all play irresponsible accommodationist citizenry role at this darkest hour to our country.

This is with the fact that it took Zambians and the democracy community some 20 years of sacrifice and fortune to make the gains now sadly under threat. Zambians bravely ushered in democracy not to be undone by anyone but cemented for the best in the region. It is only wise for citizens to invoke the precedence of democratically cutting short the mandate of a failed tyrannical regime without a vision for growing Generation of Zambian youths, orphans, aged, retirees, widows and tapped workforce. In 1991 we recalled the misrule of our first President Dr. Kaunda ending his 27 year reign over Zambia over similar impunity being witnessed under PF.

PF regime was elected to consolidate our young democracy and not to kill it with help of a Police Force converted into useful Partisan militia for a failing regime. It is appalling to witness that the embattled PF regime is treating political opponents as punching bags free to be kicked by any unpatriotic police officer converted to PF militia outfit.

Everyone is wondering what sins UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and MMD’s Nevers Sekwila Mumba have done in their own democratic rights and country to deserve the kind of abuse they are facing. We all know that the two have been steadfastly reminding pathological liars much louder, articulate and wider on the failed promises of PF. Whenever they have had an opportunity to reach out to Zambians with whom their speeches have resonated, have been true and deserving attention because they are only exposing a counterfeit regime without vision and value to a country in social, economic, political and democratic crisis. Alarmingly on increase Zambians are seeing many police militia units without scintilla of civility which by law is supposed to be a civilian force for all Zambians against crimes, instead they are armed to the teeth cocking their guns with impunity on political opponents.

This is not what Zambians voted for or wished to see some 20 years on after ending the first dictatorship. The country has no heart for yet another era of Utopian communist misrule with its doomed abracadabra policies sadly the PF regime has unleashed on Zambians.

In this vein there is no better time than this to soberly remind President Sata and his cadres that the wind of democracy is unwavering and dictatorships he marvels at ends in self humiliation while democracy reigns. He ought to learn from history of Zaire’s Mobutu Sese Seko, Egypt’s Mubarak, Tunisia’s Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Lybia’s Gadaffi, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Chilean dictatorAugusto Pinochet who were more powerful and consolidated absolute abusive powers to their teeth with layers of perceptively impermeable security details around their lives yet they have been defeated.

Get it, real power belongs to the people without whose consent no regime would survive if and where it’s found perpetuating its misrule over them whether it’s with the totalitarian use of an apparatus of partisans militia groups which PF is building in state security wings by every effort of achieving the selfish agenda of a minuscule fraction of their political class, Zambians and democracy would triumph over this impunity. President Sata will have himself to blame, the man is building a critical mass of citizens against his presidency and family recklessly.

Forewarning is forearming.

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