Roan people are angry and fed up with PF lies – GBM

Roan people are angry and fed up with PF lies – GBM

Not even darkness could prevent residents of Roan constituency in Luanshya to turn up in huge numbers to listen to UPND campaigners led by vice-president Geoffrey Mwamba (GBM).

GBM and team which includes former Matero MP miles Sampa entered the once prospers town but now a ghost village just before sun set but the area was lined up by residents.

‘Luanshya has welcomed us well and our message has resonated with the people here. We are actually in Roan Constituency home of Chishimba Kambwili,’ GBM said.

‘The people here are angry and hungry and fed up with PF lies. Our message to them resonates with their desires of how this country has to be governed and our solution to the many challenges that they face,’ he continued just before the rally

GBM said ‘I pity Chishimba because the people of Roan have rejected him. He does not stand a chance. We are in your backyard, in fact bedroom. PF is gone here and Chishimba too, that is why you are clinging to ministerial position…Anyway enjoy while it lasts’13256266_1128342297218170_3810569812409054519_n 13237697_1128343843884682_1525489897158058177_n 13237691_1128342950551438_7593368014825674666_n 13221620_1128343513884715_1800004014838113568_n.

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