Robin Hood: Finance bank donates K250 million to Beit CURE hospital

The Beit Cure hospital in Lusaka has received a shot in the arm from Finance Bank Zambia Limited which has donated K250 million as part of efforts to help improve community health.

Beit Cure hospital is located on the Great North Road and specializes in providing health care to children with disabilities and special needs.

Finance Bank Zambia Managing Director  Barkat Ali said the Bank  attaches great importance and care to the communities in which it operates.

Mr. Ali said management at the Bank desires  to see a healthy community by assisting vulnerable children and families in accessing proper health care and reduce early loss of life.

He said it is sad to note that most disabled children in Zambia suffer from easily preventable and curable disease.

He stated that the donation to Beit Cure hospital is one way through which the Bank has demonstrated its commitment to reducing the child mortality rate as stipulated in the United Nations Millennium goal for health.

Mr. Ali said Finance Bank Zambia is aware of the plight and ardent need for good health and provision of accessible basic health care in developing countries like Zambia especially for children under the ages of five as most of them are likely to die before their fifth birthday.

He said Finance Bank Zambia is dedicated to improving communities in which it operates through its corporate social responsibility programs such as providing communities with safe and clean water by providing boreholes in various communities and disadvantaged locations of Zambia.

And receiving the donation Beit Cure hospital Executive Director Tim Ebbers said it is sad to learn that some children have not been able to be in public because of their family’s fear of ridicule and persecution.

Mr. Ebbers said with partnership such as the one exhibited by Finance Bank , the hospital now has the capacity to build a better life for the children with special needs.

He emphasized that for the sake of children and the development of the nation there is need to immediately start addressing the needs of disabled children.

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