‘Robinson Zulu got our flats fraudulently’


Dear Zambian Watchdog,

Kindly find attached letters of our story and we pray that you publish our story. We the tenants of former workers compensation flats through our representatives met the president (Sata) at statehouse in  November 2011. President Sata assured us that he will help us overturn the fraudulent sale of our flats and asked us to find a lawyer whom he was going to give instructions. we further spoke to him by phone and confirmed that he was going to help us the sitting tenants. however, since November 2011 up-to date we have failed to get feedback from the president despite having almost weekly updates with the Principal Private Secretary to the President Mr. Francis Chalabesa. Lately all our calls and request to meet Mr. Chalabesa and the President have gone answered.

Former Workers Compensation Flats – Tenants.


This is the letter we wrote to Sata in 2013. But even the current president is not responding

The Tenants

Former Workers Compensation Flats

Makeni Villa Complex

Off Kafue Road


His Excellence Mr. M.C Sata

The President of the Republic of Zambia

State House


Dear Sir,



Your Excellence, we refer to the meeting that was held between you and our two (2) representatives namely Mr. Jones Siasamba and Ms Mwanakatwe at State House in November, 2011 concerning the “Controversial” sale of our flats to Mr. Robinson Kaleb Zulu by Workers Compensation without offering us first the sitting tenants.

Your Excellence, in that meeting you directed us to find a capable lawyer whom you will give instructions to help us proceed in this matter due to its complexity. Since that time the meeting took place up to date, we have been trying to secure an appointment with you to give you feedback but we have failed to do so. However, we were advised by your Principal Private Secretary to write as it will be quicker to secure an appointment with you.

Your Excellence, we have found a lawyer whom we feel can adequately represent us in this matter and hope to introduce him at the earliest next appointment with you. Your Excellence, we still maintain our stance that the sale of our flats needs to be investigated as soon as possible because we believe that some influential individuals in the previous regime were involved in this “Controversial” sale without offering the flats to sitting tenants.

Your Excellence, your immediate indulgence in this matter will be highly appreciated as time is running out for us the tenants.


Yours Faithfully,

Tenants Representatives


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