Robison Zulu cheated Lumbwe, Mwananshiku out of Meanwood, tricked Galuan too

Robison Zulu cheated Lumbwe, Mwananshiku out of Meanwood, tricked Galuan too

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 10.21.29Robison Zulu has been betraying people all his business life, according to a source very close to him.

The source explained that among people Zulu has betrayed are Michael Galaun, and the people he started Meanwood with.

A source close to Meanwood Zulu has revealed that Zulu started Meanwood Property Development Corporations as partners with Mwila Lumbwe and Cosmas Mwananshiku. But once the company stared to make money, he forced them to resign and ‘bought’ all their shares using money they generated together.

The source also said that Robinson Zulu has no conscious because Friday Ndhlovu, the man he grabbed Investtrust Bank from is the same person who gave him the first job after school.

‘You know it was Friday Ndhlovu who gave Robisnson his first job as management trainee in Zambia National Commercial Bank in 1989. The big man always considered the younger man as his own son but Robison only saw money,’ said a source. See here how Robison grabbed the bank from Ndhlovu.

The source also revealed that Robison Zulu also tricked the might Galaun family out of their land.

The source explained that sometime in 2001, Galaun found himself in a situation where he had to work with Zulu to re-organise the Galuan farms. Zulu ‘suggested’ that the Galaun family should sale some of their land. Zulu was put in charge of selling the land. But he deliberately made it difficult for people to buy the land. After a few months, he told Michael Galaun that he was interested in buying some of the land himself. The desperate Galuan obliged.

He approached Margaret Mwanwakatwe for a loan to buy Galuan’s land in Avondale. Mwanakatwe, the current minister of Commerce was that time Managing director for Barclays Bank. She was recommended by Rupiah Banda to be appointed minister.

Mwanakatwe approved US $355,000 without collateral and that is how Zulu started taking Galuan’s land. The market value of the 4, 0000 acre land was more than US$1, 000, 0000.


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