Rodger Chongwe Mongu Commission report goes missing from State House

The 91 paged Roger Chongwe Mongu Riots report which recommends for the restoration of the Barotse Agreement of 1964 has reportedly vanished from State house, a state house source has revealed.

The report is suspected to have been ‘stolen’ from state house by former president Rupiah Banda’s agents because it points at him (RB), then home affairs minister Mkhondo Lungu among others as being responsible for the murder, injuries and internal displacement of Lozi people. Banda fears that once the report is made public it might attract charges of crime against humanity and murder on him and his co accused.

“The report has always been here and President Lungu once had a look at it but about three weeks ago it was discovered missing. President Lungu is also shocked at the disappearance but he doesn’t want the information known,” said the Watchdog source positioned at state house.

Meanwhile the Watchdog has irrefutable information that Mkhondo Lungu and President Lungu declared war on Barotse people and directed the police to use brutality and maximum force. We challenge Rupiah, Mkhondo Lungu and indeed Edgar Lungu to refute this.

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