Rot at Pick n Pay

Pick n Pay is a South African public listed company. In Zambia everyone is an employee from Director level to the lowest person.
  1. Andrew Warren Roberts is the General Manager for Zambia but what is of concern is that he has obtained or is working towards obtaining an investors permit or something like that when he is a mere employee. If he has self employment permit why should he continue to be in employment.
  2. Thiroshin Pillay  In November 2012, this gentleman with a South African passport. He reported into Zambia on a business visit and he was immediately given a contract of employment and open a bank account. Then using an agent that PnP uses, the same one processing Mr R’s permits, this gentleman was given a temporal permit that he has been using as he has been appointed as in-charge of all Pnp bakeries in Zambia. He has no proper formal education, no academic qualifications, he is about 26yrs old and can hardly read or write properly, check with any of the store bakery employees and they will confirm this information. The agent has now arranged/applied for an employment permit and that is the receipt he is using to pass through immigration check points. He is renting a house behind crossroads but currently he is touring copperbelt and staying at 81 Chintu road in Kasenshi which is a Pick n Pay house. The company has even allocated him a company corolla ALC . This is unfair and illegal that Pick n Pay should be using only South African people in senior positions even when there are qualified Zambians to take those jobs but it shows you the crocked ways of Mr Roberts.
  3. Baby Mbolobanza Nzali a Congolese national without legitimate qualifications was also employed in the same fashion. His application is full of forged documents and untruths and the job title in his application has nothing to do with his current job. He was employed as a store manager for Pick n Pay makeni and later transferred to his current position as store manager Kitwe and also Regional manager earning lots of money compared to the zambians. All these people are backed by Mr Roberts and they are very arrogant and mistreat Zambians. The GM at Pick n Pay lies in all these applications to immigration and it appears they have a contact there that assists them.
  4. Krishna Pillay a south african is the account at Pick n Pay. In order to get round not registering at ZICA (Accountants Institute), a lot of lies were included on his employment permit application that he was a business expert of something of that sort. Again this is not true as he is the Finance manager/Accountant at Pick n Pay. The other accountant who was there before Jonas died in July 2013 but by then he had already been removed from the position to make way for Mr Pillay. The other qualified accountant Sylvia resigned due to frustrations. He is now in-charge on his own without any other qualified accountants that he can hide behind. Again this shows you the kind of issues that happen at Pick n Pay. No one else handles of of these matters apart from Mr Roberts, Mr Pillay and the Immigration agent.

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