Rot at Zampost continues


Allow me to continue exposing the rot as ZAMPOST

MacPhearson CHanda, Postmaster General had a stake in the employment agency which he used to employ his friends as directors but did not declare it.

His office operates a secret account where funds for his mis-use are kept to avoid being audited. There is also another account where some money has been kept so that as soon as his contract comes to an end he will quickly pay himself.

Because of Chipasha’s thieving activities PMG’s relative Postbus drivers staged a sit in protest so that he can be removed. As usual PMG shielded him and threatened drivers with dismissals. Generally all employees are bullied and threatened by PMG, as a result they have nicknamed him as MAC FEARSON.

The workshop foreman Abdul was employed by PMG with no advert/interviews because he is a long time friend.

The 27 girlfriends PMG and his friend DHR-Boaz employed have been receiving dismissal letters after the revelations,bottom power (sex)was used in place of normal interviews.


In June 2014 interviews were conducted and those who were chosen to be on the panel were instructed by PMG/DHR to employe those who are not married only, with a view to use bottom power at some point on them.

Nearly all the post offices have phones disconnected under PMG’s instruction. Employees are made to use their personal phones and air time on official businesses. But how much air time does PMG uses?

Salaries are also different, relatives/friends to PMG and those he has employed get better than those they found despite doing the same jobs and in the same grades.


MacPhearson has committed more serious offences than former PMG.What a Christian.


Unhappy worker

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