Rotten elections



My son was petitioned by PF losing councillor for Nyemba ward in Chilanga. The hearing took off on Monday. I sat in court up to the time Petitioner was being cross examined. It was a disaster. Firstly, there was NO form 12 issued at the polling station. The form 12 which was issued was taken TO the PF candidates’ house 2 days after the polling date for her and her agents to sign. No rainbow or upnd agents signed yet fdd who did not even participate at local government level signed. As things played out in court, there were 3 form 12’s for tge polling station all bearing different results! After lunch, suspiciously, the members of the tribunal recused themselves stating that they have busy schedules and would not be able to hear the matter further. At this point, the ECZ official, whom I know personally, proposed that there should just be a recount! Well, the lawyers refused and the matter will commence again tomorrow before another panel. To my shock and horror, the presiding officer called my son yesterday to ask him to ‘withdraw’ the petition, as if he was the Petitioner! This presiding officer confessed that he was under extreme pressure and to repeat his own words, “these are things which lead to people killing themselves.” He wants my son to stop defending the petition so that the PF candidate walks away with the seat! ECZ have realised the sham election that they conducted and want to continue their fraud. I have advised my son to defend the petition to the hilt and let that crooked presiding officer go ahead and kill himself! He has dined with the devil so let him reap the consequences.

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