Rotten MMD sent Mwanawasa to early grave-MP

Siakalima (in the middle)

Siakalima (in the middle)

By Chali Mulenga in Livingstone-The PF, UPND pact has described the Movement for Multiple Party (MMD) government as “rotten”.

Speaking in Livingstone at a forum organized by the press freedom committee of the Post Saturday, Siavonga MP Douglas Siakalima said the MMD had made the system in government become rotten and that only change in leadership could be able to reverse it.

He said this had contributed to Levy Mwanawasa being sent to an early grave as he was fighting against corruption alone.

Siakalima said things were so bad in Zambia that people were fooled in believing that these were the Biblical last days.

He explained that it was quite shocking that war torn countries were better off than Zambia in terms of development.

He added that it was sad that countries that were recovering from war or conflict could surpass Zambia.

He expressed sadness that Zambians were not able to demonstrate for the nurses that went on strike as a lot of people died during the strike.

He wondered why Zambians took pride in singing the national anthem when they were not really proud and free men in their country.

And Given Lubinda who is PF spokeperson said that history had it that political pacts always worked in Zambia like the ANC UNIP pact in 1972 and when the MMD was formed it was the work of a pact.

He said in 2008 the RuphiahBanda formed an unholy pact with the Edith Nawakwi ,Sakwiba Sikota and Ben Mwila.

He asked, “did the pact fail to win and why will this pact fail , whether Ruphiah wats it or not the pact will win.

He said Ruphiah Banda and MMD are not a factor to the pact as their time is already marked as they are people that had no respect for human dignity

He assured the people that the vision of the pact was beyond the 2011 and the vision would drive their work.

He said “people in the pact share common vision and have a lot of experience to this country forward”.

He castigated vice president George Kunda’,s brian had gone to sleep and that the apct was giving him sleepless nights.

He said that there no need to impeach Banda as he only had 18 months to leave office.

He promised the people that pact would revisit the Chiluba’s cases when it forms government in 2011

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