Round 3: Kabimba replaces GBM with Masebo in Central committee

As the battle between defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba and Fred M’membe using Wynter Kabimba rages on ,  GBM has been replaced Silvia Masebo as PF chairperson for elections.

Just last month, Kabimba removed a Lusaka PF chairperson for Lusaka and replaced him with his clansman Geoffrey Chuumbwe.

GBM once said the battle in PF is basically tribal. Kabimba as Secretary General is movong fast to populate the PF central committee with his relatives.

PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba said Masebo took up the role of chairperson after the last central committee meeting.

“Yes she’s the new chairperson for the elections committee of the central committee,” Kabimba told the Post newspaper.

Mwamba relinquished his position as chairperson for election after temporarily resigning as Kasama Member of Parliament after beating up his wife Chama.

“It’s in public domain that GBM resigned on his own after press reports condemned him for battering his wife. He said he was no longer interested in politics but surprising he’s been coming from the back door to lobby for position,” a source said.

The sources said Mwamba had been carrying himself as the chairperson for elections and the party even tolerated him as such.

But the PF thought that the position was a serious one and needed to be filled. So the one in charge of elections is Masebo and not GBM,” said the source to the Post. But there is no other source here it is Kabimba who told Fred M’membe.

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