Round 4: Kabimba camp blocks GBM from speaking on ZNBC

Round 4: Kabimba camp blocks GBM from speaking on ZNBC

The all powerful anti-Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba team led by Wynter Kabimba but controlled by the Post newspaper last night prevailed on state owned but PF controlled ZNBC to cancel a live TV interview he (GBM) was scheduled to feature last night.

Prior to the interview, the state broadcaster ZNBC ran several announcements that GBM was supposed to feature on a live prime-time 20:00hrs Sunday TV interview show but later rescinded the decision and told viewers that GBM would feature on ‘later date’.

Several high ranking PF cadres and those compromised by the system such Edith Nawakwi of FDD have so far featured on the same programme.

Justice Minister, Wynter Kabimba, has himself featured on the programme before to campaign for himself.

In these early PF internal battles to succeed incumbent president Michael Sata who constitutionally still has 9 more years to rule, Defence Minister, GBM has so far lost several bouts to his Justice Minister counterpart, Kabimba.

Round one saw both Ministers placed under Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) investigations but Kabimba was quickly cleared by the Post newspapers while GBM was found with a ‘case to answer’ for soliciting a Zesco  contract and other corrupt activities.

The other round saw GBM being stripped off some of the priviledges he gave himself such as motorised escort to a point where he (GBM) was so angry and ended up driving himself to the office using personal vehicles.

In round three, Kabimba put fellow Lusaka clansman and personal friend, Tourism Minister, Silvia Masebo as PF elections chairperson replacing GBM over what they called poor personal character of battering wife.

It is not clear how far the battle will go, but in this round, GBM no longer has privileges of PF controlled private and government media despite being a serving minister.

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