Court removes ACC restriction on Thandiwe’s Mpundu Trust houses

Thandiwe Banda

A Lusaka High Court has removed the restriction imposed by the Anti-corruption Commission on the property belonging to former first lady Thandiwe Banda.

Judge Dominic Sichinga Thursday morning ruled that the ACC was wrong to impose a ban on Mpundu Trust Housing complex in Woodlands, along Leopards hill road.

The court has allowed the fomer first lady to complete the project while the ACC continues its investigations.

Mrs Banda  sued the ACC in her capacity as director of the project and asked the court to award her damages for the loss of time on the project claiming she was the lawful owner of the property at Stand Number 1F/488A/29A, Leopards Hill Road.

She said she applied to Access Bank Zambia Limited for a loan of up to US$600,000 for the completion of the construction of the 12 residential properties.

She said Mpundu Trust Limited was established in 2009 to look after the interests of her twins and their future education and health needs.

Mrs Banda said on April 9, 2009 the bank offered her the loan and on February 16, 2011 she again applied to the bank asking for a further loan of up to $1 million for completion of the construction.

Access Bank Zambia Limited also joined Ms Banda in suing ACC saying it had an interest in the matter.

The cartel holding president Michael Sata hostage comprising Fred Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito and Wynter have been scheming to fix the former first family with various offences since they left office.

The cartel has been fighting to fix any potential opponents and have been scheming to install Kabimba as president when president Sata leaves office either by reason of resigning on poor healthy or death.

So far, the Kola Foundation and their Muchinga chiefs have prevailed on the president never to leave power with this group but consider Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda as a replacement who will later groom someone for 2016.

Two weeks ago, former president Mr. Banda’s immunity was removed by the cartel and the Mpundu Housing Trust was among the grounds they hoodwinked the Zambian public and some MPs to support their scheme.

Mr. Banda is also facing charges of corruption over the Mpundu Trust Housing complex.

Details of the ruling later


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    how many $1m did she get from Access bank? where did the other $1m come from? off shore…banks don’t give loans of tht much to teachers..

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    Volcanologist 5 years

    Is sad that Wonama President Sata can not see his down as he is being used by Mumembe, Nchito and Kabimba. Moreover, Kabimba think that his HIV/AIDS is cured,come 2016 he will have thick and thorn. Will deal with all the thieves who are destroying Wonama our president. Am sure ZAmbians must have realised that Wonama Mr. Sata is a coward and late FTJ was right to say “epo apemena epakibika fulustopu” because Wonama Mr. Sata does not know how to write English.

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    koswe 5 years

    Go RB Go

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    Kizto 5 years

    So costly and embarrassing are the legal consequences if professional investigation wings perform their duties to the tune of political hatred and vandator.

    Investigative wings please stop misusing tax payer’s money through fake investigations. You leave out real suspect ministers!

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    shilesa 5 years

    Is so difficult to understand Thandy got a loan from a bank to finance her project? Whether she is a teacher or not, the fact doesn’t change. Access Bank gave her a loan as they themselves deemed it fit.

    If this is constitutes theft or corruption then you don’t know what theft or corruption means.