Roy Clarke recounts bad experience at HiFi corp



Be very wary before buying anything from the new HiFi Corp shop at Manda Hill, where I was recently the victim of some very sharp practice. I bought a Sansui touch screen car radio which was priced at K2.45m.

The salesman said he would sell it at K2.30 million, and also give me an extended two-year warranty. I had to take it back two days later because it didn’t work properly. After three return visits and finally a long discussion with the store manager I discovered that the selling price was supposed to have been K2.00m, although the (printed label) price of the display radio was K2.45!

The price had been inflated in order to (i) give a bogus discount of K150,000, and then (ii) sell me the two-year warranty for K300,000 (the salesman was getting a commission for selling this unnecessary and very high-priced warranty!). In addition, (iii) the radio was not in its original polystyrene wrapping and the box had been previously opened. I am therefore extremely suspicious that this faulty radio had already been returned by a previous customer.

Roy Clarke

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