Roy Mwaba says opposition wanted civil servants to strike over suspension of judges

Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has disclosed that opposition political parties recently met with its President Leonard Hikaunda to get the union’s solidarity on the suspension of 3 judges by President Sata.

ZCTU Secretary General Roy Mwaba said during  a media briefing today that his union has however resolved not to join the opposition in criticising the setting up of a tribunal to investigate the 3 suspended judges.

Mwamba said the meeting between Hikaumba and the opposition was not official as it had no blessing of the executive board.

He added that the opposition leaders who included UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema, HP’s Godfrey Miyanda, ADD’s Charles Milupi as well as MMD’s Micheal Mabenga wanted to among other things convince the labour union to ask its members to strike in protest of the suspension of the judges.

“To our workers out there, I would like to take advantage of this press briefing to inform them that as a labour centre, as a mother body at no time as anyone resolved that you workers should stop your production and go on a wild strike which will be like chasing the wind.

“We don’t want our workers to begin chasing the wind and if there is any national matter as ZCTU, we always call our General Secretaries in the same place to brief them and they guide us on what is supposed to happen,” Mwaba said.

And Mwaba also supported President Sata’s stance on the alleged interference of diplomats in Zambia’s internal affairs. Mwaba reminded the diplomats that Zambia was now an independent country whose internal matters should never be interfered with by foreigners.

On Wednesday afternoon, President Sata while seeing off a Canadian Diplomat called on diplomats to abstain from entertaining opposition political parties.

[Source: The Independent Post]


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