Royal family exposes Chief Shakumbila’s illegal activites

Patrick Chibamba, alias Chief Shakumbila is truly a crook who is using his position to steal. First and foremost, he stole his way to the chieftaincy from the actual royal family even when he does not qualify to be in that seat. He does not qualify to be Chief Shakumbila of the Sala people because they follow a patrilineal lineage of succession.

Using his inborn crookedness and sense of opportunism, he forced his way to the Shakumbila chieftaincy through the help of his fellow crooks among them Alfred Sakala, who at the time was District Commissioner for Mumbwa district. These crooks deceived late president Levy .P. Mwanawasa into believing that Chibamba was the right heir to the Shakumbila throne. This was after the death of Moses Shandapu who was Chief Shakumbila, and at a time when the royal family was busy deliberating on who should succeed him, Chibamba and his crooked friends were moving at a lightening speed and were strategically positioned in the late Mwanawasa ’s government. In fact by that time, Chibamba had also been appointed MMD constituency chairman for Mumbwa by these crooked friends and only relinquished the seat after ascending to the throne.

Whilst the royal family was still making their deliberations to arrive at a successor, the crooked Chibamba arrived at the chief’s palace in a convoy of vehicles and accompanied by armed state police officers to announce his enthronement and the royal family was threatened into submission by police and the crook was proclaimed as the new Chief Shakumbila even though the family tree indicates that he is very far from the chieftaincy. Being the thief that he has always been throughout his life, he swiftly used his skills to steal the chieftaincy from its rightful owners.From Moses Shandapu (the immediate past and late chief Shakumbila), the ascendancy was supposed to pass on to any of the three, namely Isaiah Shimwambwa , Choonta Chikumbe and Shichonda Shimucoka as male children of Shakumbila who had not yet ascended to the throne or their children in an event that all of these are deceased as the case is now. Since these three are deceased, ascendancy should have gone to their children namely, Neta Shimwambwa, Rodwell Chikumbe and Phanwell Shichoonda as the rightful heir to the throne.

It is evident that Patrick Chibamba is not a descendant of any of the three people mentioned above. However, he has forged numerous documents such as family tree and others to show that he legitimately hails from the Shichoonda clan. In fact, he even bribed Phanwell Shichoonda, a dependable man of the Shichoonda clan, whom he gave two cows and a bull. Chibamba also built a house for Phanwell Shichoonda as an incentive for him to bear false witness in the High Court to authenticate and validate Chibamba’s claim to the Shakumbila throne. But their maneuvers were caught up by the alert defence counsel and Chibamba finally confessed in court that the family tree he used to ascend to the throne was a fake one.

Further, according to the royal tradition, when a person ascends to the throne, he is supposed to spend two nights alone in a hut known as “ku choonde”. After undergoing this ritual, elderly members of the royal family go to this hut to pick him/her and escort the new chief to the palace. Chibamba has never gone through this ritual for fear of something terrible happening to him as it is widely believed that anyone who masquerades as heir to the throne can die while in the hut. Chibamba knows that he is an imposter who was handpicked through the political maneuvers of the crooked Alfred Sakala and others who are not members of the royal family including Wynter Kabimba.

The matter is due for judgement on 24th June 2014 before Judge Evans Hamaundu in the High Court of Zambia and interestingly, crooked Chibamba was being represented by Lusaka lawyer Wynter Kabimba who only ceased to do so after President Michael Sata appointed him as Justice Minister. Now this thief chief is busy pushing Wynter Kabimba to help him so that he can be retained as Chief Shakumbila by twisting the arm of justice. In fact, in what was considered a slap in Kabimba’s face, the president told him during his swearing-in-ceremony that ‘there were some chiefs who have been imposed on people’ and that he should get rid of them and indeed, one such person is Patrick Chibamba, a habitual thief who has imposed himself on the Sala people of Shakumbila Chiefdom. Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, who acted as defence lawyer for Chibamba is well aware of this mess but has opted to turn a blind eye and he is trying to influence the outcome in return political support. Kabimba is fighting the Shakumbila royal family tooth and nail. The crooked Chibamba is now being represented by Mutemwa Mutemwa whom he has also given huge trucks of land as legal fees but local people in Nalubanda village have objected to this corrupt transaction and the matter is even now in Mumbwa Magistrate court.

Chibamba has led a life of stealing since his childhood and below is a catalogue of his past and present thieving lifestyle:

(1) Cattle Rustler and Masquerading as a Lawyer

Chibamba has been a cattle rustler from childhood until he ‘ascended’ to the Shakumbila chieftaincy. He was arrested several times by police in Mumbwa for stealing cattle from the Kafue Flats, records of which are available at Mumbwa Police Stations in case of verification, unless they have tampered with them.

There also instances where he escaped from a police drag-net, using his tall height advantage which enabled him to outpace the police. In fact, in one of his many theft cases, a royal family member, Mr. William Shakumbila had to part away with two cows in order to rescue him.

After being arrested several times by the police , Chibamba relocated to Mumbwa town where he crookedly established a sub-office in the name of Shepande & Company and started masquerading as a lawyer. Kennedy Shepande is the same lawyer who was representing Chibamba in his many cattle rustling cases. Chibamba was now the man finding clients for this law firm and sometimes even crookedly represented them. His major clients were mainly cattle rustlers, poachers and was charging them cattle and sometimes he even swindled Shepande of these same cattle.

(2) Chibamba Has Three (3) National Registration Cards

Chibamba is in possession of three (3) Green National Registration Cards which he is currently and actively using to perpetuate his dubious lifestyle. It is difficult to know how he acquired them but being the thief and crook that he is, the answer is not far-fetched.

He has NRC No. 127206/15/1 which he used when voting in the September 2011 elections. Anyone in doubt can check the Electoral Commission of Zambia (E.C.Z) voters register and verify this fact. He also has NRC No.164697/15/1 which he used to obtain a bicycle from World Bicycle relief in Nalubanda during the MMD bicycle relief programme. He has also a third one, which is being used by Chibamba to conduct business activities with Chinese nationals. He uses these documents depending on the circumstances involved and the opportunities at hand.

(3) Thieving Activities as a Chief

Using his new position to his advantage, Chibamba has amassed incredible wealth and other assets within a short period of time. He now drives the latest models of vehicles such as the Jeep Cherokee, Toyota Prado, Mercedes Benz, BMW etc while his fellow chiefs are driving simple and ordinary vehicles. He has over 10 vehicles in total and one wonders what all those are for. He has also accumulated a large herd of cattle which is estimated to be over one thousand (1000) from a position of zero (0).

Some of the avenues Chibamba is using to accumulate his ill-gotten wealth are as follows:

(4) Maize and Other Material Contributions to Ikubi Lya Loongo Traditional Ceremony

Shakumbila chiefdom, where Chibamba is masquerading as chief consists of more than 550 villages. Every year during preparations for the Ikubi Lya Loongo traditional ceremony, he makes every village contribute 3 X 50 kgs of maize which comes to a total of 1, 650 bags. Chibamba unashamedly sells this maize to the Food Reserve Agency (F.R.A), claiming he has just had a bumper harvest. He has also been collecting various items in the name of the Ikubi Lya Loongo traditional ceremony and yet he has been diverting them to his farm. For instance, last time he collected 300 pockets of cement from Lafarge Cement Plc as a donation for the erection of a venue for the annual ceremony. There were also donations from various companies including iron sheets   from Safintra Zambia, all of which he has diverted to his farm. Further, even the same farm was just stolen from the late Belemu who used to work for the Ministry of Agriculture after his death. All proceeds that Airtel Zambia pays for having erected mobile phone towers in the chiefdom go straight into his pockets and the village headmen have been complaining.

(5) Selling of Village Registers

Ideally, village registers are given free of charge by the government to villages. But shockingly, the unashamed Chibamba has turned it into a money spinning enterprise by making each village buy the village register at a cost of K100 or two heads of cattle per village register. It is therefore, in his selfish interest to ‘create’ more villages because of the monetary benefits attached to this scheme and thus in the process creating serious boundary conflicts.

(6) Fishing Charges

Chibamba is illegally charging fishermen in Namucheche, Nachonga, Lumuni, Loongo and other fishing camps the sum of K100 per person for them to be allowed to fish from the Kafue River. Those who oppose him are not allowed to go fishing.

(7) Selling of Land (His Most Lucrative Business as at now)

Chibamba has sold huge tracks of land in Shakumbila Chiefdom against the wishes of the people. The wholesale selling of such huge tracts of land has resulted into the forcible relocation of innocent people who have been farming on these lands and whose animals have grazed there from time immemorial. Apparently, this does not bother the crooked Chibamba and he is achieving this objective by threatening his headmen with punitive measures and creating fake village committees through crooked traditional councilors to rubber stamp the sale of land in villages against the wishes of local people. Those headmen who have refused to consent to his schemes are considered “rebels” and are subjected to all sorts of harassment. Further, he is in the habit of creating fake new boundaries with the connivance of foolish headmen to annex land for selling purposes. The following are some of the portions of land that Chibamba has sold against the people’s will:

(8) Chibamba has sold over 16, 000 hectares of land in Nalubanda area and pocketed all the money without even giving the village headmen and local people any ngwee. He is secretly processing title deeds for the buyer through Mumbwa District Council who are busy entertaining his corrupt activities. Also, using a councilor in Nangoma, he further corruptly sold land of about 500 hectares in Kasalu area where villagers are now up in arms against him and he has been very busy running away from them. Again, using Mumbwa District Council corruptly, he is currently processing title deeds and trying to sell Choombwa Farm Block without even informing the local people in the area.

(9) He further sold over 1000 hectares of land to a Mr. Gwani in Kachoya village against the wishes of Mr Whiteson Mwambi who was Headman Kachoya. When the headman complained about it, he dethroned him and gave it to his fellow crooks George Muntanga and Nsakanya who are not even related to the Kachoya family lineage. Mr Whiteson Mwambi could not believe this incidence because Chibamba even got K1, 000 as legal fees from this man at the time he was masquerading as a lawyer in Mumbwa town under Shepande & Co. This resulted in the death of this man.

(10) Chibamba is again illegally trying to annex and sell Sugar 1 Village using his crooked friend Trywell Sugar as a conduit by grabbing about 1000 hectares of land from the real owner with the full support of Chibamba against the headman of Sugar 1 Village. Even when crooked Trywell clearly lost in their Kangaroo court, Chibamba has surprisingly passed judgment in favour of him. The whole idea is to give this land to Trywell so that they can easily sell it without any interference from the headman and others.

(11) He has attempted to sell land in Kennedy Shepande’s village and was only thwarted when he (Shepande) threatened to expose the circumstances under which he ascended to the Shakumbila throne. This happened when Kennedy Shepande was in Japan serving in the diplomatic service under the MMD government before president Sata recalled him. The young brother to Kennedy Shepande even slapped Chibamba at the palace and that is how he stopped.

(12) Chibamba also attempted to sell Kawena forest, the government owned forestry and was only stopped by headman Musowe and Mr. Siame from the Forestry Office in Mumbwa. Because of this, he has harassed headman Musowe and confiscated his village register and is now demanding K1,000 to release the village register.

(13) Chibamba has also been dethroning village Headmen among them Shacizobe and others and installs fellow crooks to help him sell the various pieces of land.

(14) Chibamba has also sold about 250,000 hectares of land in Shachele area to Sable Ltd against the will of the people and the village headmen without giving them any money. As usual, while people are complaining, he is secretly processing title deeds, using the corrupt Mumbwa District Council who are always in the habit of processing his documents even when people have opposed.

(15) Chibamba has also sold the whole of Matako A and B villages, measuring up to 5,000 hectares to Sable Ltd, forcing occupants to relocate whereas most of them have not been compensated. Those who have spoken out have been harassed and threatened until they all vacated the two villages.

(16) About 10,000 hectares in Shichumpalubanje village has been sold to Sable Ltd and Chibamba has shared the money with his crooked traditional councilors in the name of Simon Malambo, Chikambasa Munandeenda and Alick Maambwe. These traditional councilors are also following in the footsteps of their master Chibamba by buying numerous motor vehicles after selling other people’s land. The actual owners of the land have not been compensated in any way.

(17) Chibamba has also sold more than 5000 hectares of land In Sitali village against the wishes of the people and similarly, the people have not been compensated.

(18) Chibamba has illegally sold part of Shaputu village, measuring about 250 hectares of land to Josi Simuyi of Ministry of Finance against the will of the people in that village. Josi Simuyi even bought Chibamba two vehicles regarding this corrupt transaction. Again, as usual Mumbwa District Council corruptly processed title deed papers for Josi Simuyi in full view of protests from headman Shaputu and his subjects because Chibamba was breathing fire on them. When headman Shaputu objected to his actions, he was subjected to all sorts of harassment from abolishing his village to removing him from headmanship . The corrupt Chibamba was only stopped by the High Court of Zambia. The matter between Josi Simuyi and Headman Shaputu is in the High Court of Zambia.

(19) Chibamba has also illegally sold about 500 hectares of land in Mulowa and Shaputu Villages to Sabuya, a police officer from Shibuyunji. They even fabricated documents purporting that the village committee had approved the transaction when in fact not. Again, this questionable deal was done against the will of the people of the villages and without compensation.

(20) Chibamba has illegally sold about 300 Hectares of land in Shikachila village, again against the wishes of the people. The Anti Corruption Commission is even fully aware of Chibamba’s manuvoures in this village.

(21) Chibamba has again illegally sold more than 10,000 hectares of land in Shikatende village to the owner of Sunrise farm who gave them K450,000 and this money was shared between Chibamba and Clement Chambwa without even giving anything to the village headmen. They are now stuck as the District Commissioner for Shibuyunji has intercepted and asked whoever got that money to pay back the Indian as there is no land to sell.

(22) The same has happened in Shimakampa village where Chibamba has sold over 400 hectares of land to a police officer of Mwembeshi Para Station, and in the process has left about 17 families stranded and landless, without fields for farming.

Royalties from Luiri Gold Mine

In the name of the royal family, Chibamba collects about $150,000 per year from Luiri Gold Mine which is meant for developmental projects in the chiefdom and he uses for his selfish motives and he has not disclosed this money to any member of the royal family or the surrounding villages. He opened a bank account under the name of Shakumbila Trust Fund where he is the only signatory.

Stealing of Other People’s Wives

What is worse is that Chibamba even ‘steals’ other people’s wives. In fact, his current wife Matilda was grabbed from a poor man in Nampundwe area after living an adulterous life with her. As if that was not enough, Chibamba was recently again caught red-handed committing adultery with another man’s wife in the same area Nampundwe , prompting him to flee in his underwear. Again what saved him was his speed, coupled with height advantage that makes him a fast runner until a well-wisher gave him some clothes to cover his nudity. He was charged for this and he paid the owner of the wife. He has so much money, especially dollars, which he gets by duping investors, especially the Chinese and is using prostitutes to help him convert it into Zambian Kwacha at Long acres Lodge.

From the above, it is clearly evident that Chibamba is a thief in a Chief’s skin and the confusion currently being experienced in Shakumbila Chiefdom is being fueled by his corrupt activities and that is what has prompted several headmen to seek Chieftainess Nkomeshya’s protection. This is true, especially for those occupying the eastern side of Mwembeshi River.

Given this scenario, an appeal is made to the Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs ,Professor Nkandu Luo to use the powers vested in her and intervene to remove this obnoxious imposter who has brought havoc and confusion among the peace loving people of Sala land. You can do an independent investigation of this and you will discover that this is the truth or you will even uncover more cases.

Members of the Royal Family

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