Royal Kafue owner exposed

Royal  Kafue owner exposed

Investigations have revealed that, Andrew Baldrey, the businessman running Royal Kafue has been funding elections in a community trust called Kaindu National Resources Trust (KNRT) just to make sure the f fake ‘losses’ he declares to the community are not challenged.

Last week, his lawyer Eugene Makai responded after an article appeared here saying KNRT was deregistered in 2015. But according to leaked emails, Royal Kafue has been communicating and doing business with the same members it claims are imposters who failed to account for the money that the community needs.

KNRT chairman Humphrey Kabinda says there is no any other KNRT apart from him and his members and that he is aware that the business man has bought the chief a vehicle and gave him K120, 000 to disown the current KNRT that wanted arrears owed to the community by Mr Baldrey,  the man in photos below.

He also sponsored  elections that had no challengers whatsoever. How can you conduct elections for a deregistered organisation?

In one of the emails  Mr Baldrey assured Humphrey Kabinda of a gift if he behaved and stopped causing trouble by making too many demands.

If the KNRT was deregistered in 2015, let Royal Kafue tell us who they were dealing with for the past 5 years hunting and selling game meat.

In another leaked email he wrote on 28th March 2019, Mr Baldrey wrote:


I am very disappointed to hear the Mirriam is causing the Chief concern once again and I fear this will never stop and look at all the
bad press that she has initiated in the past.

I really do advise the Chief to write a strong letter to Mirriam stating that Kaindu has had enough of her interferences and stating
that she has no influence over the Game Ranch and stakeholders. This letter should be copied to Min of Lands, DNP&W, DC and OP.

Her disrespect to the Chief must be taken up by the Royal Establishment. As always my support is for the Chief and good people
of Kaindu.

I am glad to hear that Humphrey has accepted his position in Kaindu as one of responsibility and note I am prepared to reward those who help and support Royal Kafue but he will have to prove himself this year.

In 2018, VILLAGERS in Kaindu chiefdom had revealed been called ‘Black Pigs’ and some women being sexually harassed at the expense of resisting to be relocated to alternative places in the area.

The villagers had told the Zambia Land Alliance that travelled to Mumbwa after reports that the chief had sold his entire chiefdom to investors of European origin.

“One of the Zambian game scout is the one who rescued us by telling the white man that it is a taboo in Africa to undress women and let us go as he kept on yelling insults saying we Zambian villagers are black pigs,” said Mrs Hantimba as she sobbed.

Steven Nyangu who is a fisherman at Chitakataka fishing camp narrated how he was found fishing and had his boat destroyed and thrown in the river telling him he deserved to be eaten by crocodiles.

“This white man uses a speed boat and he creates big waves which makes a canoe capsize and then he call his scouts to man handle you whilst insulting and he likes calling fishermen who trade near his game ranch
black pigs,” the fishermen said.

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