Royal Kafue owner in more corrupt activities

Royal Kafue owner in more corrupt activities

Andrey Baldrey, the Royal Kafue owner released $10,000 United States dollars to ensure he gets back the lease agreement between his game ranch and the Kaindu National Resources Trust (KNRT).

With the help of crooks at PACRA, they have also registered a parallel KNRT which is not recognised by the ministry of lands like the latter as it should be.

Sources at the Kaindu chiefdom palace say chief Kaindu was given a K100,000, an old model Toyota Prado and a shotgun with seven rounds of ammunition, all this can be found at the palace right now.

$3,000 US dollars has been given to the police in Kabwe with peter Alison Phiri, a fraud and financial crimes officer getting the largest
share to intimidate members of the KNRT questioning the illegal land dealings in the chiefdom and anyone who communicates with any journalist or media house.

Chrispin Musosha and his girlfriend Mirriam Bishonga pocketed $1,000
dollars each for fuel and buying hungry locals spirits so that they
can speak for the chief.
A letter was written by the chief last month appointing Mirriam
Bishonga t administer all land matters in the chiefdom, technically
this is surrendering power to someone who is not of royal blood and
all this was made with the recommendation of the white man Andrew
Central province permanent secretary Benard Chomba is also on Royal
Kafue payroll, he has been cutting elephant ivory deals with the white man, the reason he has bought himself a fully furnished house in Chalala Lusaka.

The main reason Andrew Baldrey, Mirriam Bishonga and Chrispin Musosha have been trying to controld the chiefdom is elephant ivory and emeralds which they illegally export using foreign hunters who come in the name of trophy hunters.

These hunters are given express exit at the airports with escort of ZAWA officials and state police, the main reason the private airstrip was blocked in Mumbwa in 2015 after ZAF found out that other animals were also being airlifted to neighbouring South Africa.

What is now worrying our source from the palace is that whenever these three crooks want a document signed by the chief, they invite for dinner at a spacious lodge in Mumbwa, get him on with whisky, the entice him to sign.
Kaindu chiefdom is now under a European all because of animal trophy.

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