RSA doctors unable to handle Lungu’s many complicated ailments, may just come home

RSA doctors unable to handle Lungu’s many complicated ailments, may just come home

The latest and correct medical bulletin from Edgar Lungu’s treatment and testing room indicate that South African Doctors have recommended that he either proceeds to Pakistan or India or just be brought back home as nothing much can be done for him in that country. 

Highly placed sources from Pretoria say the medical team cannot conduct the recommended advanced throat cancer surgery on Lungu as they also have limited facilities for such a delicate operation and the patient (Lungu) is also diabetic and old age meaning the wound would not heal.

“Without discriminating with people living with HIV/AIDS, Lungu has also been plainly told that his CD4 count is very low and his viral load is too high because he seems to have neglected daily HIV/AIDS treatment. South African doctors and intelligence officials now deem it politically sensitive to undertake further treatment on such a high profile person,” one source said.

“India and Pakistan have been recommended because they are leading in using medication not yet approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) but may have serious side effects. Doctors have also told him that due to his stressful job, his viral load has increased thereby lowering his immune system and lessening his CD4 count, and even worse that he prefers beer over ARVs. They have further recommended that he starts alcohol rehabilitation,” highly placed sources have revealed.

Sources further revealed that some of Lungu’s vital organs such as liver and the only remaining kidney are not functioning properly.

Lungu is currently at one of the most expensive clinics in Pretoria’s South Africa as he refused to be treated at Milpark Hospital in Johanesburg for fear of leakages such as this one.

Lungu felt Milpark Hospital was too open to the public and the media, but what he did not know was that there could be nothing hidden where people are concerned.

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