RTSA Boss and PF Cadre in a Financial Scam

RTSA Boss and PF Cadre in a Financial Scam

ratsaThe Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) Chief Executive Officer Zindaba Soko and Patriotic Front Cadre Chiluba Nama have plundered K 2 billion unrebased by supplying second hand Close Circuit Television (CCTV) equipment worth K700,000 but invoiced and received K2.700,000. The tender to supply the equipment was also not advertised as Chiluba Nama’s company Card Technollgy was single sourced. A source within the Ministry of Transport and Communications has disclosed that Zindaba Soko and Chiluba Nama travelled to France in January and procured second hand CCTV machines that they have supplied to RTSA. The source said it was like God wanted to punish  Chiluba Nama as he fell sick whilst in France and was admitted in Hospital. “There is serious plunder at RTSA that needs to be exposed. A PF cadre by the name of Chiluba Nama together with RTSA Boss Zindaba Soko have supplied second hand CCTV equipment valued at K700,000 but they invoiced K2,700,000 and have since been paid. Chiluba Nama is the owner of Card Technology. Zindaba is messing up RTSA. He has to be dealt with” the source said.

The source said Zindaba Soko who is not even competent has been reported to relevant government investigations teams but can not be investigated because he is being protected by Finance Minister Alexandra Chikwanda and Mines and Energy Minister Christopher Yaluma who happens to be his brother in-law.

“This fool is above the law as you may be aware that he was brought to RTSA by Chikwanda. He was Transport Officer at Ministry of Finance and when the position at RTSA was advertised, he persuaded Chikwanda to give him the job. This was at a time when Chikwanda was Acting President. Sata was out of the country. It was very easy for him to get the job because at that time Yaluma was Minister responsible for Transport and Communication. Yaluma is married to Soko’s first cousin. Help us to expose this the way you helped with Zambia Revenue Authority by exposing that cadre George Siame who has finally been fired” the source said.

“Since he enjoys talking to the media let him deny this publicly. Chiluba even fell sick whilst in France. The state had to send his wife to nurse him. The wife is a lawyer somewhere. Soko was with him in France in January this year. What a country we have. I think for once Solomon Jere was right to call this guy a fool” the source said.

Chiluba Nama is a PF cadre and a personal friend to Roads Development Agency (RDA) Chairperson Willie Nsanda. He is also PF 2011 losing parliamentary candidate for Lunte Constituency. He was in 2011 defeated by former commerce Minister Felix Mutati.

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