RTSA boss Soko betrays his friend Kambwili

RTSA boss Soko betrays his friend Kambwili

Of Certificates and Kambwili. Today’s Mast Newspaper of August 21 2017 quotes Chishimba Kambwili as saying ” How can Kaizer Zulu be political Advisor to the President when his background was that of being PF Secretary General Charles Chimumbwa’s errand boy.

He was a Chola boy for Chimumbwa. His Job was to drive Chimumbwa and change tyres if the have got a puncture. Kaizar doesn’t have any certificate relating to academic or otherwise. The only certificate he has is a birth certificate and he is waiting for his second certificate. Which is death certificate”. He further says ”

All certificates he carries in his briefcase are forged and I can challenge anybody to go and check them,” Soon after Kambwili said this, his vehicle wass impounded for not having an Insurance Certificate.

Have we now moved from Nolles to Certificates? Anyway about Kambwili and his motor vehicles, we are aware that it is not new.

Kambwili and Roads Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) Director Zindaba Soko are very close friends but it seems the friendship is now over.

When Kambwili was Minister, he on several times disregarded road safety rules and matters were reported to RTSA but nothing happened.

We have heard from collegues before that at one time Kambwili almost bashed some traffic police officers just after Kabangwe while driving his Mercedes Benz CK100 and nothing happened.

We are also aware that apart from Kaizar Zulu, most of the PF cadres working for RTSA were taken there by Kambwili. What has happened now?

The answer is simple. Zindaba Soko has abandoned his friend in order to keep his job. Won’t Zindaba also be abandoned one day? Only time will tell. So RTSA can only act on or punish politicians who break rules when they are shown the door?

Mr. Soko should have just asked his friend to buy an Insurance disk which may even be a bit expensive than the Fine the court may slap on Kambwili.

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