RTSA boss under pressure for refusing to change gvt number plates

RTSA boss under pressure for refusing to change gvt number plates

Zindaba Soko

Zindaba Soko

Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) Chief Executive Officer has been blackmailed for refusing to give government officials private number plates to abuse government vehicles.

A source within Intelligence community has disclosed that Zindaba Soko last week refused to give special number plates to government vehicles so that Ministers supporting Edgar Lungu can use them for campaigns. Acting president Guy Scott refused to give Lungu’s team access to public resources saying he wants to ensure a credible and lawful presidential by-election.

Following Scott’s refusal to cooperate in abusing public resource, Lungu’s team tried to use Soko. But Soko also refused.

Lungu’s supporters in the security then decided to use what happened at Care For Business over the weekend to blackmail him.

Sources say it was not even Soko who beat people at the hospital but that his brother slapped a drunken ambulance driver.

The source said Soko’s brother was incensed when the driver working for Ideal Funeral House slapped the dead body of Soko’s mother.

“What happened is that when Zindaba Soko’s mother died, he hired Ideal Funeral House to transport the body from CFB to Ideal Funeral House in Luanshya Road. The driver of the hearse came drunk and when he was asked by Soko why he was drunk at work, he started slapping the dead body saying “Niokufa kudala uyu” meaning this person is already dead.

It was at this point that Soko’s brother slapped the driver. But because Soko had refused to allow abuse of government vehicles, the system trapped him and accused him of assaulting medical staff.

Soko has since been arrested by Police when the PF Police have so far failed to arrest Panga carrying cadres including the ones who maliciously damaged a taxi belonging to Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa but rushed to arrest the RTSA Chief Executive Officer.

Soko is now under pressure to convert number plates of government vehicles in exchange for dropping charges.

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