RTSA Bosses cancel Electronic Transport Information System tender corruptly

RTSA Bosses cancel  Electronic Transport Information System tender corruptly

Senior officers of the RTSA are pushing for the cancellation of the Electronic Zambia Transport Information System ( e-ZaTis) tender because their  favourite company is not the one to be awarded the contract while the minister and the president are sitting quiet.

Senior officers were even followed and seen with one of the contenders (photos of Cyton Kibela with On Track Innovations Ltd were published all over the newspapers) are still on the job and not have been fired or even suspended. They are still in the system firing and getting rid of all procurement officials that were involved in the lawful tendering process.

The ACC is also supporting the corruption at RTSA by conniving with the same RTSA acting officers as one of them was even invited to be the key speaker at an ACC held public conference about corruption in the public sector held on Friday at Southern Sun.

The minister of transport and communication Christopher Yaluma is so dull and clueless that he lets the technocrats at RTSA play him stupid, his own inquiry to the matter did not lead to any result or action taken against the officers while the newspapers were continuously and easily discovering more and more information regarding the misconduct of RTSA in the matter. It seems that Yaluma has adopted the corruptive ways of the RTSA boys and is not in control of his ministry.

A committee of 16 people from different branches and wings of the government was assembled to evaluate the 32 companies submitted for the tender to design, install, commission and maintain the electronic management system in RTSA. The committee evaluated the bids and selected a winner – a Zambian company. Once the committee wrote to ZPPA for clearance another group of corrupted official intervened in order to give the contract to the another company, a foreign company connected to RSZ and the NLPI group, the same companies that their concessions to run the Railways and border posts in Zambia were revoked earlier this year after failing their commitments. As ZPPA is a toothless, easily effected and corrupted organization they issued contradicting orders regarding the awarding of the tender which RTSA acting officers decided to ignore until they could either award the contract to their favorable company “OTI” or to cancel the tender.

Since August, the project, one of which a big importance to the Nation as RTSA is the second tax collector in the country after ZRA, is stuck as officers use their selfishness interest in order to stop a project of this magnitude.

The real questions are why RTSA is taking time to finish the process and award the contract to the highest evaluated bidder and why is the president allowing corruption in RTSA and the ministry of transport to take place in such a blunt manner? Why are the corrupted officers themselves are left in place when even the small tabloids in this country have already exposed them in public?

Yaluma should resign for public interest to save the operations at RTSA and the transport  ministry. The fight against corruption by the Republican President is taking no direction because his own cabinet ministers and Agency officials are in the forefront of frustrating his corruption fight.

This nation will remain under developed unless bad eggs are wiped out from their positions and genuine people are ushered in to foster development.

Yaluma is dancing to the tune of RTSA officials and in return he is feeding the head of state with wrong information. The corruption at RTSA is a well known fact but surprising there is no action from the authorities to bring sanity in the tendering procedures.

Concerned Citizen

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