RTSA fails to pay workers

RTSA fails to pay workers


RTSA has failed to pay its employees august 2018 salaries what a shame the employees are wandering how a big institution like RTSA can fail to pay them salaries they have bills to pay their pay day is 25th it’s 2nd September 2018 today they have been told that they should wait as they look for monies to pay them.

Landlords are knocking at their doors with embarrassment their tenants who are working for RTSA are unpaid they have to pay school fees for their children.

This is very embarrassing the agency preaches and practices corruption free working environment but how can one be corruption free when you fail to pay them salaries one can wander.

This is very disappointing the RTSA makes a lot of money for the government if this trend continues on we get to see a lot of corrupt RTSA officer’s because they are being put in a bad position hence people should not blame them it’s hard reporting for work without getting paid for almost 9 days this has never happened in the history of RTSA.

This is very disappointing and embarrassing for RTSA.

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