RTSA says in process of reregistering cars

RTSA says in process of reregistering cars

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) says it is in the process of implementing new fees on re-registration of motor vehicles.

RTSA has therefore called for consultative meetings with stakeholders and members of the general public to be held at the Government Complex in Lusaka and Civic Center in Kitwe and Livingstone.

This is according to a notice issued by Chief Executive Officer Zindaba Soko dated March 2019.

RTSA says it intends to adjust rates related to road user fees, testing of motor vehicles for roadworthiness which will now be mechanised; and re-registration fees for all motor vehicles and trailers.

He said the meetings were being held in accordance with the Business Regulatory Act. No. 3 of 2014.

He said the Agency is required to recommend the user fees to the Ministry of Transport &Communications for approval before implementation.

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    John 1 week ago

    Dear Zambians
    Keep voting PF and we will get more of this. I hope we are all suffering more, because we deserve to suffer

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    Cost of blind voting.

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    President Edgar Lungu must fire Zindaba Soko who has overstayed as RTSA CEO!!Mr Soko has run out of ideas.Why adjust the fees or re-registering the vehicle when the economy is bitting every citizen in Zambia?ACC should also move in and investigate about the 10 houses this Soko bought in NHA complex near Heroes stadium.Where did Soko get the money to buy 10 houses-all along one road and next to each other in NHA complex?Am sure Soko wants to steal more money from this deal.Let us all rise up and reject this evil move from RTSA.Please Zambiawatchdog report Soko to ACC so that he can be fired from RTSA now!!

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    Muntu 2 weeks ago

    Why pay for re-registration