Ruling in case of Chawama vs Matero PF presidents reserved for Monday

The Supreme Court will pass the judgement on Monday 15th December in a case where Matero PF president Miles Nsampa is challenging the consent judgement for the Chawama PF president Edgar Lungu for the PF presidential candidate.

Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda sitting with the full bench of the Supreme Court heard arguments from both sides in a matter that has sharply divided Sata’s two close nephews Miles Nsampa and Edgar Lungu.

Lungu’s Malawian mother is elder sister to Sata’s first wife, the mother to Mulenga Sata also from Malawian, while Nsampa’s mother is young sister to late president Sata.

The fully packed court bench this morning comprised among others, Nsampa’s supporters inlcuding Silvia Masebo, Geoffrey Chuumbwe and Nsampa’s PF Secretary General Brigette Attanga

A sizeable crowd of Miles Sampa’s supporters had gathered outside court that was packed to capacity.


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