Rumours from Mfuwe



Rumours from Mfuwe:

-Harry Kalaba dropped, Vincent Mwale becomes Foreign Affairs Minister

-Freedom Sikazwe dropped, Mwansa Mbulakulima becomes new Presidential Affairs Minister

-Mulenga Kampamba dropped, President Nominates Raphael Nakachinda as MP to take over as Minister Of Information

-Rev Sumaili fired, replaced by Frank Bwalya as Minister for Religious Affairs

-Lucky Mulusa dropped, replaced by Margaret Mwanakatwe as Minister of National Development and Planning

-Nkandu Luo dropped and replaced by Given Lubinda

-Tutwa Ngulube appointed Minister Of Justice

-Ronald Chitotela transfered to Ministry Of Local Govt

-Amb Joe Malanji appointed Minister Of Infrastructure and Housing
-Sebastian Kopulande appointed Minister Of Commerce

-Alexander Chikwanda appointed Permanent Representative to the UN replacing Amb Lazarus Kapambwa

-Emmanuel Mwamba and Deputy recalled, replaced by Miles Sampa and Brian Hapunda respectively

-Kakoma Kanganja dropped and sent into diplomatic service, replaced by Bonny Kapeso

-Bowman Lusambo transfered to North Western Province, Richard Kapita moves to Copperbelt Province in the same capacity.

-Dr Chitalu Chilufya appointed Secretary General of PF to replace Mr Davies Mwila, and Kelvin Fube appointed Deputy SG and Spokesperson for the party

Others going into Diplomatic Service include; Dr Kaseba, Katele Kalumba, Amb Mupesa, Mumbi Phiri, Mrs Musenge, George Chellah, Munir Zulu, Francis Ndovi, JP Ndovi, Emmanuel Chenda, Kenneth Maduma, Ngosa Simbyakula, Kakoma Kanganja etc.


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    Chelsey 6 months

    Pf is a tribal part full of useless cadres. This is confirmed by looking at the names of pf handpicked ministers from the streets. Shame on you pf for pointing fingers at UPND and accusing it be tribal when you are worst tribalist party Zambia has ever had. Anyway, it’s pf strategy to appointed thugs to ministerial positions without checking their personal backgrounds.

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    Njangeamuloty 6 months

    This below is what Emmanuel Mwamba said about HH’s trip to SA:

    “We thought that this was not the picture of Zambia, it is an alien picture of Zambia. Zambia is a celebrated democratic state for the last 53 years, it is well known for its peace and stability. The last elections we held in August 2016 are no different from the other elections that we have held over the last 50 years.” Said Mr Mwamba.

    Maybe he was not born When Kaunda was calling you stupid idiots and running against frogs, hyenas and skanks.

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    FuManchu 7 months

    Appeasement to return a favor rendered and excitedly the appointees to foreign missions take up postings without a clue of what benefits they should accrue to Zambia other than being out there with a view that theirs is to enjoy and await visitations of dignitaries from home whom they guide to shopping outlets! Lets be serious if Zambia has to maintain consulates for foreign service requires professionals with clear mandates of what it is that Zambia requires to get from country of assignment and if that does not materialize then it is a failed and waste of resources posting!

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    Praying and fasting with Sangomas?

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    BUD 7 months

    ZWD amafi yeka yeka

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      MMD Cadre 7 months

      Continue ignoring info at your own peril.

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    Scatter brain 7 months

    The diplomatic service is meant to serve Zambian interests in foreign countries. This includes financial, technical, trade and national security.

    1. Financial – Name 20 Zambian owned and operated companies that have a presence outside Zambia. In Geneva for instance. Nil, Zero, Zipwad, Zilch, dry hump, nil, nada!

    2. Technical – Tell me the last time Zambia was involved in anything that required technical expertise or the development of national capacity. Peasant farming requires that you know how to hold a hoe, work a field and keep the fuck quiet when GRZ fucks you each year. Do we have a nuclear plant, Do we have need for engineers (Chinese contractors come with their own) so what technical development or skills transfer do these gulugufu’s coordinate? Another dry hump (if you don’t know what that means, it means fucking a chick but not producing any sperm), zipwad, Zilch, fuck-all, nil, nulla, zero.

    3. Trade – For fucks sake what trade do we do, we are a fucking dump site for everything from needles to nuclear waste (I have proof of the nuclear waste that was dumped and buried in N/W province to pollute those poor Nyamazai). We import everything and I mean every single thing. If it was possible Zambian women would even import sperm from outside (they already are importing and using rubber penis’s [dildo’s]).

    4. National Security – I’ll leave food security out because we all know that we are supremely fucked like only Dora could conjure up out of her used gadget (ehe, that one). Zambia has an army of watchmen. Professional peace keepers that really get chuffed when UN tells them that they are the most disciplined. That’s like finding a buffalo on the Savanah and having it chase you down, When it catches you and tickles you then makes you sit through its stand up comedy routine. We don’t have soldiers, we have a bunch of drunken, Bible bashing idiots that joined for a pension. When I call them “wankers”, I really mean it. A wanker masterbates and produces nothing. When was the last time a Zambian soldier/officer was accused of anything more gross than fucking a starving kid in exchange for food. So since we spend our time wanking militarily what the fuck form of security does the Army, Air force or Zambia National Farmers force do? Fuckers cannot even build a dam.

    So what the fuck do we need Embassies and High Commissions for?

    If Angola wanted to, they could over run Zambia in 39.2 minutes flat. We could be a province by tomorrow morning.

    Someone impress a brother/sister with a rebuttal

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    muntungwa 7 months

    Let us hope this is true. But why send failures into diplomatic service. We need fresh blood. I hope Mumbi Phiri will not embarrass our country. At least now she can keep her mouth shut.

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      Scatter brain 7 months

      You assume way too much.

      You assume that the Zambian Diplomatic service is actually a professional body that understands the purpose of the Diplomat in foreign mission. Most of these monkeys in foreign service are nothing but unqualified disasters and buffoons sent out to appease them for some illegality that they assisted the PF president with at some point in history.

      To be straight up and honest Zambia does not need foreign missions. All they need are regional consulates and visa offices.

      Lets look into this a bit:

      1. UN special represntitive – for what? Zambia is of no consequence. We don’t have a permanent seat on the Security council. We spend our time there in committees and lobbying for Zambian soldiers to go out as peace keepers (glorified watchmen).

      2. The Zambian embassy in the USA – What the fuck does Zambia mean to USA. When was the last time a Zambian meant more than a token idiot. You could put a monkey in a suit and fulfill the same mission. With the internet the concept of a foreign mission became redundant 20 years ago. Visas can be completed online. Meetings with business people can be done by skype and whatsapp or through an interactive site with FAQ page. Having an Ambassador there with full staff is as useful as having a maid to sweep your yard when you live on the 6th floor of an apartment building. (she’s just there to be fucked by the man of the house when the wife is out shopping)

      3. The High Commission in UK – Someone tell me what else this person does apart from processing passports. That can be done by express mail from Lusaka. Now there is DHL, FedEX and UPS.

      4. Moscow Embassy – For fucks sake, when did the Ruskies last give a flying fart about Zambia or what we do or say.

      We only need Embassies in our neighboring countries where we sometimes have beef of borders. The rest is just bogus shit. All expenses paid travel to some country.

      Zambia is shit to most countries. We are actually worse than shit. We are stuff that people scrape of the bottom of their shoes and skirt around.

      Someone tell me otherwise.

      You can stand up and shout the national anthem till you’re blue in the face. That does not mean diddly squat in the world affairs. Zambia is like that ugly, quiet, thin, chick with herpes, syphilis and bola bola in the back of the club who knows someone that knows someone that is friends with that chick with the badonk a donk ass and show stopper face.

      Let’s just face it. We are shit

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        Wisdom - Peace loving Zambian (PLZ) 7 months

        scatter brain indeed.

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        Wisdom - Peace loving Zambian (PLZ) 7 months

        stop hating yourself. You are an intelligent man just need wisdom to become what you admire about others out-there. you are not shit. you are a Zambian. The place for shit is the toilet and the place for you is a country you are responsible to make better for you and your children’s children. it begins with your thinking, an idea of a better Zambia, an idea of the Zambia you want. The idea that you can make a difference. It also end with you. with you giving up that zambia is shit. have you ever wondered why people leave their countries to just visit Zambia? Have you been to all parts of the country zambia? before thinking of going to any other better country, know your country first maybe you lack better understanding of your beautiful, rich, blessed nation Zambia.

        I love Zambia, I love its People including you and your family. it is uniquely the best country in the world. if you doubt me i will tell you why I believe so….