Rupiah Banda arrives in Mfuwe with more money from Nigerian Muslims for Lungu

Rupiah Banda arrives in Mfuwe with more money from Nigerian Muslims for Lungu

Former president Rupiah Banda has arrived in Mfuwe carrying money from Nigerian Muslims from the Delta region. The money and material is meant to help PF candidate Edgar Lungu with campaigns.

The plane landed at Mfuwe airport in Eastern province at 07: 57 hours having flown the whole night from Nigeria. Edgar Lungu and RB are expected to have a joint press briefing in Chipata where Banda will officially endorse Lungu. Another plane was scheduled to arrive at Mfuwe shortly carrying more cash and campaign materials for Lungu organised by RB.

Banda avoided Kenneth Kaunda airport to avoid the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC).

Plane that carried RB from Nigeria

Plane that carried RB from Nigeria

Last week, the Watchdog reported that PF presidential candidate Edgar Lungu had been advanced US$2 million Dollars by oil and gas Muslim businessmen from the Delta State of Nigeria, and an undisclosed amount of money from Angola’s president Eduardo dos Santos.

All the money has been arranged by former president Rupiah Banda, who has now given Lungu conditions to remove some of the people in his campaign.

Part of the money from Nigeria was channeled through Royal Air Charter company of South Africa for hire of one fixed wing airplane 9J-CID and two choppers, which Lungu is currently using for campaign. The Watchdog challenges Lungu to refute.

People close to the deal that was also arranged and witnessed by former president Rupiah Banda in Nigeria on Saturday said Lungu’s camp promised to offer the Nigerian Muslim financiers concessions in mineral rights, oil and gas explorations in North-Western, Western and Copperbelt regions once he wins power.

The deal also gives the Nigerian Muslims preferential treatment in hunting concessions in Zambian National Parks over the short period of five years subject to renewal.

“In the immediate term, the Nigerian businessmen will get immediate access to maize exports from the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to the Southern and Central African regions, with part of the proceeds channeled to the PF through an off-shore accounts that has just been opened,” a highly places source within the PF government has disclosed.

Most of the predominantly Muslim Nigerian businessmen from Niger Delta State regions are also linked to the sponsorship of insurgents and brutal uprising in the area.


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