Rupiah Banda must be probed for Napsa corruption – Chishimba

By Saviour Chishimba

We, the United Progressive People (UPP), are not satisfied with the simplistic response by NAPSA over the close to K100 million records facility corruption.

NAPSA officials and all the past and current politicians who have plundered pension funds have the blood, on their hands, of all retirees who have died without getting their money.

UPP is utterly astounded that apart from the latest saga involving the records facility, other more serious scandals have not been dealt with by the PF-MMD regime.

The K150 million on the inflated Meanwood land purchase saga remains unresolved. Worse still, the K980 million bogus investment by NAPSA in the Society House building project is shrouded in a dark mystery.

The Rupiah Banda led MMD administration must be brought to justice over these serious economic crimes.

We are aware that President Michael Chilufya Sata had appointed a commission of inquiry into the Zambia National Building Society (ZNBS) sagas that included the K980 million NAPSA funds.

UPP has a detailed matrix of how these funds were siphoned to power the pockets of politicians. Sadly, some of them have been recycled back into government by President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Thousands of civil servants, military officers, police, prison officers, among other public servants who served Zambia with more honour than politicians are languishing because their own pension funds have been plundered by the wicked political elite.

UPP demands justice and a speedy cleansing of NAPSA and all statutory bodies that have for far too long been used as platforms of plunder.

The K1.23 billion is more than enough to clear retirees at once and invest part of the money in cash cow projects as well as other investment portfolios with high returns for job creation among the unemployed young people.

We have been consistently reminding the current regime that the already suffering Zambians need not be subjected to austere economic measures and more national debts because this nation has a lot of resources.

Corruption and bad leadership are slowly, but surely pushing Zambia into a failed state.

The crackdown on the media and denying permits for free assembly are symptomatic of a failed and misguided leadership that does not want the truth to be known about plunder and other atrocities.

The culture of putting the pockets of politicians first before the people, under the PF-MMD, has destroyed Zambia. This is not only unethical, but also evil and wicked in the eyes of God.

UPP is reviewing various options to ensure that mediocrity in the running of government is brought to an end.

Under the #BringBackOurMoney! anti corruption crusade, UPP will ensure that the report on the ZNBS (NAPSA funds) Commission of Inquiry is made public as well as take appropriate measures to cause government to prosecute thieves.

In conclusion, we appeal to NAPSA, for once, to issue a more comprehensive statement on the K100 million saga before we take a more drastic course of action.

God bless our nation!

Saviour Chishimba

#UPP: #Dignity & #Justice for #All!

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